Christianity is not a religion...its a lifestyle!

July 07 2005
That is such a true statement. Christianity isn't about going to church on Sunday and even maybe Wednesday. God calls us to be desciples for Him everyday. I think that is the difference between Christianity and other religions. With being a true Christian we have to be missionaries 24/7 and that can be so tough sometimes. I need to do better about controlling my actions when I am not on ministry. I have to make sure what I am doing won't interpert to something totally different to someone who is just watching. We(my Charleston Family) talked about how the people at our apartment complex constantly look at us and see if we are ever going to mess up, if we are ever going to do something wrong. They look and see how we act and conduct ourselves. It's so crazy.

Well only three more weeks till I come home. This past week was our "week off" but we ended up closing in a car port and turning it into a garage. It really has been alot of fun and I have learn so much. I got to use a nailgun which was scary at first but I got the hang of it. I nailed up a whole side of the garage. CRAZINESS!!!!

Please pray for my grandmother. She is having surgery next week. She has a tumor in the lining of her brain and they have to remove it. I am really upset that I can't be there for her and I know she is upset too but I am glad she understands. This is such a scary surgery so I just need everyone to pray for her and my family.

Love you all and see you soon. Take care.

*Thought* Isn't it amazing that God would leave 99 sheep just to find the 1 lost one. He loves us that much. Logic would say just to leave the 1 sheep but He says forget it, I am going after my child! If you feel God is not coming after you or doesn't care about you...your wrong. He loves you and is coming after you. He will do everything in His power to bring you to Him. All you have to do is say,"Okay take me."

Rachael Moore

July 07 2005
sarah i love you! and it sounds like God is showing you so much! i am glad you are having fun! can't wait to see ya girl! have fun!


July 07 2005
you are beautiful! im talking to you right now and i am amazed at how much God is doing in you! i love you and i cant wait to see you in 3 weeks! muah!