It's raining, it's pouring.....

June 28 2005
I wish the rain would stop. This mornings ministry was cancelled because of the stupid rain. But we did get to go to the nursing home and visit our friends. Old people are so awesome. It's funny how they all are so excited to see us and how excited we are to see them. When I visit them I kinda of think ahead to where I might be when I get to be that age. I don't ever want to be in a bed somewhere where I can hardly get out what I want to say. I will be so blessed if the Lord takes me before that might happen.

My family left yesterday and I am really kind of homesick for my friends and family. There are more times this year then there was last year. But I know that I am suppose to be here so that always comforts me.

My groups this week are so cool. My morning minstry group is from Knoxville, TN and a few of them are going to MTSU in the fall. That is the second group that some people from there are going to MTSU!!!!

I wish all you guys could take a giant road trip to Charleston and visit me!!!! That would be flippin' awesome!!! But I know you can't so I will just dream. haha.

Well I think this is all folks and I want to hear from you all and tell me what you guys have been up to. Love you all.


June 28 2005
Awww I miss you too Sarah! That's awesome about the TN people!


June 30 2005
i wish i could give you a huge hug right now!! i miss you sweety!!!!!!!! but praise God for what He's doin' in your life!! lots of love!! i miss you and love you!!


July 02 2005
lol as long as it's not on the 26th. i've got my ties to mr. mayer- he's my future husband after all.