I'm so sore

June 21 2005
okay last night I felt an urge to run. Well that was a good idea and a bad idea. The good news is that I felt refreshed and energized. The bad thing is that I am soooo sore. I ran 1.8 miles there and 1.8 back. but i didn't run the whole time which that would be impossible for me.

ministry went okay today. nothing really happened and i really didn't get to talk to people but i know that there will be days like that. But I haven't felt God so strongly in my whole life. I feeling of contentment has come over me. I am at peace that I am single and am in love with God. I'm LOVING it!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. love you all

Rachael Moore

June 21 2005
poor you! i am glad things are going well! by the way, you should join the "italian lover" group! hehe you love me and i am italian! anyway, i hope you have a great day!


June 23 2005
my love where have you been all my life!!!! i miss you! i'm gonna call you this weekend! cuz i miss the sound of your voice, whispering sweet nothings in my hear! ;9 lol!!! i'm jk! i love you! i'm glad things are goin' well for ya! i can't wait to hear about everything! and it's awesome to hear about what God is doin' in your life! i can't wait to have that complete contentment! ttyl! :D