June 20 2005
Well this is my first official entry to the PhuseBox page. I started one before but I didn't remember my username or password so I started a new one! I miss everyone at home and wish I could send all you all down here to hang out. I've been really busy with ministry and have come to the conclusion that I could do this for the rest of my life.

Today we stopped by this assisted living where Phil has some friends there. There is like 5 of them and they all live in this little house. It's so cute. But there is this one old man named James and he tells jokes and riddles. It's hilarious.

I am really excited because my parents and sister are coming this weekend and I get to show them around Charleston and all the cool places there is to go.

I really wish I could hook up my camera to this computer to show you all the pictures that I have taken.

Well you guys are awesome and miss you bunches.

Rachael Moore

June 20 2005
aww fun! i am so happy for you sarah! i miss you bunches! and i am super glad you have a phusebox so that we can stay in contact! love ya girl!

Darth Vader

June 20 2005


June 20 2005
hey girl!!!! aww i miss seeing ur smiling face @ church! but i'm soo excited for u & what God's doing in Charleston! i loved that town when i was there earlier this month! love ya girl! ur in my prayers!


June 20 2005
Hey Sarah I miss you!


June 20 2005
i miss you!!!


June 20 2005
beautiful girl....i love you!!!