October 14 2005
i can't wait to fall in love! i am just so excited to know the love story that God is writing for me. so many times we settle for guys that aren't who God has in mind for us and if we only give Him a chance He can make it so much more beautiful then we could possibly imagine. but the one thing that He does ask for is patience. i am not the best at that but i am totally going on the fact that God is in control of my life and if i try to do things on my own, i just end up messing it up. God will always take care of us and be there for us. all we need to do is let go.

you may be asking yourself where all this came from. i went to go see elizabethtown tonight and it was amazing. its not really a "chick flick" like i thought it would be. but i would definatly recommend this movie.

well i am headed off to steph and josh's wedding tomarrow!! i am sooo excited for them. oohh man....


October 15 2005
I was thinking that it looks like a good movie! I'll have to check it out!