They Say It's Your Birthday...

March 05 2006

I'mma be



yay <33

And Solitare's The Only Game In Town...

March 01 2006
i don't know really what to say
things are hell right now
might have to go back to east tennessee for a bit
my great grandmother isn't doing well at all
i hate death
i'm almost 16 and i've been to more funerals than most people i know
what 16 year old has been to atleast 6 funerals?
gah death leaves such a void in life
i broke down at lunch today thinking about my papaw
he died like four or five years ago
just thinking about his funeral made me cry
i guess that's just one of the things i have to keep bottled inside,
it just hurts so much sometimes

Come On, Come On....Do The Locamotion With Me.

February 15 2006

'listen up,
and try to understand
i wish i could explain
but the words are lost at hand'

yeah i don't know
here is my update for those waiting for it.
i think im sick
i'm shaking, i have a headache and i'm tired
so i guess imma go curl up and go to sleep


January 17 2006

oh man

this happy thing makes me smile


Not Enough, Or Way Too Much...

January 16 2006

yeah single life is still kinda odd
amber is here and we're goofing off
and i spilled lemonade on my pants
it was really cold
yah she's cheered me up a lot
we watched a cheesy chick flick
and it ended all wrong
damn them!
i've tried to talk to sean,
ended in tears and fighting
blah blah blah
damn him
but anyways
my five slices of pizza are coming back to haunt me
i think i'mma throw up
yeah so i'm expecting a call in exactly 20 minutes and ten seconds


Some Friday The 13th,,,

January 14 2006

why am i so damn unloveable?
i thought i was a good person
but no one ever sticks around long enough to see
or even give it a chance

so this means:
no date to military ball yet
no escort down the attendant line either

i think i fail

i miss those days
and him


All Alone...

January 10 2006

Is it possible to just up and stop loving someone?

Panic Begins...NOW

January 04 2006

military ball is in one month exactly (Feb. 4th)
i don't have a dress yet
the one from last year is torn and it's too big
yeah i really don't want to wait until last minute to get a dress
but i'm pretty picky about dresses
it has to be perfect
i've settled for a mediocre dress once and now i hate it
(the dress i wore to oakland's ball in '04)
so yah i'mma go crazy if i don't go dress hunting soon
well enough about that
school is purty good
i understand almost all my subjects
biology and algebra II the best,
which actually amazes me
but yeah that's it

Slow Dancing...

December 30 2005

So I didn't have that good of a Christmas.
It was pretty boring.
Learned that Ambien makes me all drunk-like
And I don't remember much after that.
But you know what I love?
Me and Sean dancing in the middle of my room to our song.
Yeah we're cheesy.
But it feels so good to just be in love.
And I don't want to lose this feeling, ever.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree?

December 10 2005

so we're going to east tennessee for christmas
kill me now
sean is going to babysit my georgie porgie (my guinea pig)
the great dane and dad are staying here
some christmas, eh?
but i do get to see my mom's friend's baby
(who is so incredibly adorable)

yeah...still haven't gotten any pictures of my new haircut

parade is tomorrow, which i'm not looking forward to
it's going to be incredibly cold
but it does earn me my beret at the end of the year
major yay

i'm hungry but if i eat now,
knowing my parents, they'll bring lunch home when they get back

i found out yesterday that i am a total loner in 2nd period
most of my algebra II class probably doesn't know my name
we had a party yesterday and no one noticed i didn't eat
it was pretty odd
but i made a D on the test i took in there on tuesday
which really upset me because i thought i aced it
and my english quizzes/ tests, i also bombed

i need to get more organized
and stop freakin procrastinating

but yeah here i am on a saturday, bored as hell
i wanna go see a charlie brown christmas tonight
but i don't know if my parents will let me
and i want sean to go too
i duno i may be going to the movies with amber and some people
so i guess i'll see how that goes

this was a really long update
i guess i'll shut up now

much love <3

Looks Like We Made It...

December 04 2005

i love him so much

and i really hope this lasts


Come A Little Closer, Baby....

November 28 2005

i thought i was doing pretty well
but around the end of fourth period and lunch time, i lost it
i cried harder than i've cried in awhile
and amazingly he was there to hold me
he called me baby again and it calmed me down
i always loved how he has that effect on me
he just about had to force me to eat
but i'm probably going on a diet anyways
i wish i were with him
i still want to cry
i hope i get a second chance at all this
i want to be with him so badly, it hurts.

I miss my baby.

Just about my favorite picture.

Date, Anyone?

November 21 2005

So I'm single as of yesterday.

It hurts.

I want to get out.

Maybe date and get to know different guys.

So if you have a friend, a brother, or your a guy who wants to hang out sometime, remark me.

Wow, I sound pathetic.

But I'm just trying to meet new people.

I've been sticking to my cramped little group of friends.

It's time I get to know new kinds of people.

But yeah I gotta go get ready for Colorguard.

random picture

bitch, puh-lease

Oh My Love...

November 04 2005

So there's this boy.

Who met this girl

They are kinda odd...

Okay, they're really odd

Sometimes they don't understand the world

But in the end....

Love always prevails.


Forever Ended Too Soon...

October 30 2005

I give up on everything.

But I just can't let go.

Even though he did so long ago.

Everything I do, I do it for you

October 16 2005

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more

It's true.

I just wish he felt the same way.

I hate when he's confused.

God, please help him realize his feelings.

Only six days till our one year.

I don't know if we'll make it.



October 12 2005
If this ends,
There goes my life.

Let's Make The Stars Our Canvas, Will You Save Me Tonight?

October 07 2005
What the hell is going on?

I'm stuck in the middle of melodrama and I don't even know it started.

One person doesn't know how he feels towards his girlfriend, my friend.

She comes to me thinking I know all about it.

I know fucking nothing.

She goes to my boyfriend for comfort, possibly?

My boyfriend asks me what the girl's boyfriend said.

And I still don't know what's going on.

He didn't tell me anything.

So why do they think he did?

I am lost.

Now it feels like everyone's against me.

My friend is gone for the weekend.

My boyfriend won't talk to me.

And the girl's boyfriend says there's nothing to say.

I fail, again.

It's Going Downhill.

October 02 2005
I think my life is just going to crash.

I hope it doesn't.

But it feels like it's going to.

Stuck Inside This Rut I Fell Into By Mistake.

September 20 2005
I feel like I need to start over.
Just cut my hair, dye it, change my wardrobe.
Change my name if need be.
The old Jessica was too uptight.
Now I need to be free and fun.
I'm trying to break the chains that hold me down.
I just want to break free.

I gotta get out here,
And I'm begging you, I'm begging you, I'm begging you to be my escape.