Something New

June 15 2005
So I guess I followed the trend and got one of these things. They're cool I guess. And not as open as Xanga which is good. I'll probably update every-so-often. So I guess this is the beginning to this whole thing...

Today was partly good and partly sure hell.
Went riding around with Justin and soon got bored to death. Only saw Sean for roughly five minutes then Justin wanted to follow a girl who he is still head over heels for. Annoyed the hell out of me. Ended up walking almost half a mile in the woods so he could find a place to fish and spy on his eye candy. I was really mad and it was scorching out there so I stomped back to the truck. I was itching all over from the woods and found a tick on my leg. Bleck. Got home and finally cooled down.

I hadn't slept in over 26 hours so Sean finally convinced me to go to bed. Slept from seven to around midnight. Not that bad. I'll probably go back to sleep soon since my sister isn't awake.

Only real good thing that I accomplished today, besides seeing Sean, was probably getting an application for Kroger. I doubt I'll fill it out though. I really need a job, but:
A) I really don't like working around lots of people.
B) I want to get a job I actually like, not a job that bores me for hours on end.
But I guess I'm going to have to forget my stubborness and apply anyways. Bleh.

Well, Kirk is calling. I'll update sometime soon. Ciao.

Brett Tenpenny

June 15 2005
you know you like these things...