It's Just You And Me.

June 24 2005
I feel so utterly stupid.

I feel ugly.

I feel like a failure.

I hate being so emotional. I ask my dad to take me into town to Sarah's so I could hang out with her and he says no. Of course I feel very stupid and I feel like crying. I always do that. Each time my parents say I can't do something or they scold me I always end up getting angry or wanting to cry. I'm so pathetic.

I mean I haven't been out of the house since last week. All I want to do is be able to hangout with my friends and have a good time. All we were gonna do was probably lay out and then go to the car show.

I hate letting people step all over me. I always let people make fun of me and I do nothing about it. I am so effin emo. I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm tired of being bored. Every day is rountine. For once I try to break out of that rountine, it gets shot down. Gah.

Sorry for such a whiny post.


June 24 2005
yeah aerobics really do suck...but your right it does pay off lol


June 24 2005
Pretty sure you're not ugly, but very pretty.


June 24 2005
hey thnax for the tip!!!


June 24 2005
yes..i do sorta know Hanvey...i just started i don't know him too well, but he does seem like a neat guy. And I'm on all the teams we have at Blackman.. I'm the rifle team commander for this year. i'm on raiders, and drill-- i didn't do many color guards though. and i did sabre team for our RFI(region formal inspection--if you didn't know) this past school yr. JROTC is awesome!! are you on any teams? ttyl courtney