New Number!

January 09 2006

Hey guys! My new cell is gonna be activated today and my old one will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow. so yeah. here is my new number.......


okay so i have my new phone...if u want to text me feel free, i am BORED OUT OF MY MIND. lol.

New Phone!

January 06 2006

guess who is getting a new cell phone!!!! we ordered it last night and i did overnight so it should be here either by the end of the day or saturday.....yay! i'm excited. i'm actually gonnna have txt messaging!! excitedness!!


January 03 2006
u guys are worse than my people on xanga when it comes to comments! (and i am not fisihing for comments i swear, i'm just BORED and had absolutely nothing else i could update about)


December 31 2005

soooooooooooooooo how are we all planning to usher in 2006?


December 30 2005

i FINALLY got to go see the Chronicles of Narnia.....AMAZING. i loved it! i didn't think it would be as good as it looked but it was. trust me. and i have an even more profound respect WETA digital. they rock. and yeah, i was gonna say something else but i totally forgot it so apparently it wasn't that important. lol.


I love you!

December 14 2005
Je t'aime


December 11 2005
yay! un projet de francais!

Le Bonhomme du Pain d'Epice

December 09 2005
Je deteste ma bonhomme du pain d'epice ET l'histoire!

Prom Fashion Show!

December 07 2005
I'm so excited! Prom Fashion Show is gonna be sooo much fun. Especially with Brady as my escort, this is gonna be extremely interesting lol. But yeah. Cathy and Shane are gonna go together and shane has decided they are gonna wear purple. she will not look good in purple. unless she finds the absolute lightest color ever she's gonna be soooo washed out. but yeah i gtg now. accounting test fun stuff man.

Home alone...

December 03 2005
i love being home alone's so nice. it gets all quiet and peacefull ahhhhhhhh..but then my big bro usually comes over and ruins it like he did tonight lol. he kills me. get this. when he came over he was on my case about where i was so late last night. and he was like seriously freaking out. and i'm like and who was it that used to come home on time and then leave again and stay out until four in the morning?? hmm? and he's like well yeah but ur a GIRL. someone please tell me how that makes a difference....but it does amuse me.

Breaking the Fast

November 28 2005
okay so i'm gonna break my xanga fast (oh c'mon don't look so disappointed! u had to see it coming lol) I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON U HAVE EVER SEEN! this morning started out sooo crappy. i dropped a whole giant can of apple juice and spilt it all over myself, then i slammed my own thumb in my car door and then i got my car stuck in a ditch! and i know that doesn't sound very lucky but i was close to flipping over and i couldn't go anywhere, i had to practically jump to get out of my car b/c i was stuck at such an odd angle and i was quite a few feet off the ground and i was like half an inch away from having the whole side of my car scraped off by one of those big cement thingys in the ditch and pretty sure my big bro (who ROCKS at the moment) and nathan (who also rocks) and T (who ROCKS the MOST) showed up, along with an EXTREMELY hot cop and the cop kept saying they weren't gonna get me out with out scraping up the whole side of my car but magically my car just popped right out of the ditch no scratches NOTHING! it was MAGICAL. i didn't get hurt nothing is wrong with my, NADA. i swear today was just my day. lol. and now that i said that i'm gonna go fall down the stairs and break my face or something lol. but now back to the xanga/phusebox fast.

Xanga/Phusebox Fast

November 20 2005

u know....i think i'm gonna go on a xanga/phusebox fast until after christmas. i don't think i'm gonna post until new year's day. so happy holidays everyone!


November 18 2005
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Harry Potter and the GOF

November 18 2005

okay for those of u who haven't seen GOF yet i won't spill too much. but yeah. i'm EXTREMELY disappointed. like, the acting was great, they did a good job with it but it seems like they filmed the whole movie exactly like the book then they cut out chunks of it. and when i say chunks i mean CHUNKS. like the quidditch world cup lasted like five minutes, they didn't even explain the ppl blowing up the campsite, they completely left out winky and dobby, and S.P.E.W. and u have no idea how disappointed i was in the last task. they didn't even have any of the obstacles in the maze. no sphinx, no skrewts,  no anything! just some weird vines that try to attack and some creepy wind. lol. and voldemort...oh god don't even get me started! he's a joke! he looks ridiculous. AND they left out EVERYTHING about hagrid and madam maxime. and rita skeeter was more of a bit part, everything they said about her was just random bits of info, and it was just...UH! sry. i'll stop now. and i really didn't do a good job of not spilling too much did i?? lol.

call me later guys, lets do something!


November 17 2005

well i got a bit of a surprise tonight. i like just found out saturday that our dog baby was pregnant again and pretty sure she had her puppies tonight! at last count she was up to five.


November 16 2005
wow u people suck almost as bad as the people on xanga! lol. i've posted like ten entries on this thing and no remarks. =(

I'm back!!

November 14 2005
so i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack. though i didn't wanna come back lol. we stayed in Bryan's beach condo an it was AMAZING!! it was three stories (it was narrow so it wasn't totally huge) but it had a deck on the roof! like the bottom floor was a garage and a hallway, then u go up the stairs and it's three bedrooms and two bathrooms, then u go up some MORE stairs and it's his kitchen and living room. but over in the corner above the stairs is a little loft. and it has this metal ladder going up and then u get to the loft and there is another ladder with like four or five steps and you open up this hatch and voila u are on the roof. and he's the only one in his condo complex thingy that has a deck on the roof. and he's totally across the street from the beach so it was amazing to go up there early in the morning. and did i mention it was on an island? oh yeah, complete with a lighthouse and everything. it was great. but yeah, if i gush ne more now u guys are gonna shoot me tomorrow. so i'm gonna go watch grey's anatomy.


November 08 2005

yay! for those of u who don't kno, i'm gonna finally get to go visit the college in savannah that i really, REALLY want to go to. and me and mama are going friday, we're gonna drive down friday mornin'. AND mom's old friend who she hasn't talked to in forever lives down there and he has a house and an apartment, and he's stayin in his apartment b/c he's renovating it so....we get to stay in his BEACH HOUSE!! what?! that makes me happy.


November 05 2005
WOW I'M REALLY BORED! and i'm tired of xanga at the moment so i'm gonna post on phuseboz instead. yeah....REALLY bored now. and i'm watching meet the fockers. and it SUCKS ass. it really sucks. and u know, i think i'm gonna go to sleep now..i'm too tired to do ne thing else.


November 02 2005

Okay guys help me out here. So me and Andrew had our "date" thing last friday night and his last entry on xanga was, "This is gonna be one of my last few posts...oh yeah, friday night was my birthday. Thanks for nothin' guys.
Fuck ya'll." that was it. and i asked him what was wrong and he never said anything. but yeah i'm wonderin' if i pissed him off. and yeah pretty sure i went to see who had updated today and he's shut down his xanga. so i have no clue what to think now. u guys REALLY need to help me out now!! =(