September 08 2006

so, lets see. what can i update about. hmmmmmmmmmm. oh, i ended up going to clayton's last weekend. even though i said i wasn't. let's face it, me saying no to him doesn't usually last very long. lol. hmm, oh me and jackie are STILL in the hotel. it's been two weeks and they told us it was only going to be like two or three days lol. but it looks like we get to move in sometime next week. and yeah, all my classes are SUPER easy (so far) ::knocks on wood:: and everyone down here is really friendly and they all rock. hmm...oh yeah jackie went home again so i'm by myself. i'm trying to talk stacee into coming up here tho. riverfest starts tonight and i want to go but not by myself. clayton has to work so he can't come. and yeah that's about it so i'm gonna let u guys go before u die of boredom lol. ciao.

on a random side note...i miss my janelle!! =(