August 31 2006
so for those of u interested. got a small update. me and jackie are STILL stuck in the hotel. and it looks like it's going to be another week at the earliest. i've heard (unofficially) from some R.A.'s that it's going to be two weeks at the earliest. but no one is saying the same thing. i do know that they are having to replace the ceilings in harvill hall and i heard something about them replacing the walls in blount (my dorm). so yeah it's going to be awhile. but it's not too bad. it just sux being so disconnected from everyone else on campus and having to drive across town. but i mean other than that it rox b/c i have someone cleaning my room everyday, i've got a hot tub, a pool and free breakfast lol. but ne ways, just wanted to say hey and update a little bit. i'm gonna be home for a day or two this weekend so u guys should definately hit me up. oh and i got a new cell # 931-338-8897 ciao.