my hellacious first day

August 24 2006

well i can't pretend that today wasn't an interesting day. to start off i was sick all afternoon yesterday so i had to finish packing this morning. and i was still sick. then we get almost all the way to clarksville and my freakin radiator blew up. yep. it blew up. like i had steam coming out from underneath my hood and everything we had to pull over on the side of the interstate. then i get a nice call from jackie saying that we are staying in a hotel for the next week b/c they found mold in our dorms. tell me how gross that is? like seriously. they found mold in harvill hall and blount. so we are shut down. they said that we can maybe move back in as early as sunday. but at the latest it will be wednesday. so yeah. it's been CRAZY. and i found out that i no longer have a roommate. apparently she either dropped out or she switched dorms b/c they told me that i now have a private room. yay! the one good thing that happened todya. and yeah bout my radiator, clayton has ordered me one but it won't be in until saturday and he's gonna come up here and put it in. tell me how sad that is. i can't even get my car to his garage. he has to come up here and pull it out in the middle of the parking lot. so yeah, that was my first day as a college student lol.