August 04 2006
u know i cannot wait to move. most of the ppl i know in the boro haven't bothered to try and keep in touch even over the summer so i think if i can go three months without talking to them and be fine then i'll be fine moving to a different city. but it's really gonna kill me to leave my girls at work. i am gonna miss jennifer sooo much. she is like my second mother. and lori-ann is about the most adorable person i have ever met and she is just so sweet. me and her and jen have so much fun when u get us started. it's amazing. and u know jenna kinda grew on me. we have so much fun. we went and got jennifer a happy vacation present and then we went and had lunch today. and last week we went and did someshopping. i am soo gonna miss all them. it's kinda sad. but that's the only thing that's got me sad. i think it's b/c i have been around them soo much this summer. and if i didn't leave it would all be same. jennifer has flat out told me if i didn't leave she would make me asst. manager but i can't spend my life at a dry cleaner's. i want something bigger than that. i just don't know what. but u know who i am really gonna miss? stacee. she is like my big sister. my actual big sister doesn't care what i do as long as i'm not doing drugs she's happy but me and stacee have gotten really close. everytime i mention leaving or even just school she says u better come back and see me. she really doesn't want me to go. neither does caleb. he won't admit it but he doesn't want me to leave. he's really killing me with the overprotective brother thing lately. everytime i mention clayton or jake he looks like he could punch the next person he sees lol. but yeah, for those of u that have kept in touch i'm gonna miss you. and STAY in touch. ok? love you guys.


August 06 2006
lol i grew on you...thats funny!! and yes, when you get the three of us started i'm sure we look pretty funny!! "i'm gonna knock you out"