July 06 2006
wow so i like cleaned my car tonight and it hasn't been that clean in a LONG time lol. like i cleaned the carpets, polished my wheels...the whole nine yards! and then i came home and cleaned my room. omg like what is wrong with me??! beth! cleaning?! those two words don't belong in the same sentence unless doesn't is the word inbetween lol. guess what i found when i was cleaning?! i found mine and my friend rene's old rant notebook. ha! funny stuff man. we had a rant section and then a section where we just kinda kept a running note. u know how girls are. but dude reading this is HILLARIOUS. i don't even remember 3/4 of the ppl we are talking about or what the hell is going on lol. and there are sooo many old inside jokes. PICKLED FETUS! that was one of them if u were wondering. and don't ask b/c i have no clue in hell lol. and dude we have some old poems in here. i'm glad i found them. i copied some of my cousin's poems in here and i LOVE them. maybe i'll post them later. idk. but ne ways. i've rambled enough. gtg. ciao.