an incredibly long post about my trip to hotlanta!

June 26 2006
ok so i'm back and it ROCKED! we rode like everything. i love acrophobia. it just like takes u up and then drops u. and it's scares the shit out of u b/c you almost don't stop. it's liek BREAK CHECK! and ur done lol. and angela totally talked me into riding the superman this time. i think that one is my fav! and like we stood in line for TWO HOURS to ride it! then we get up there and i'm cool i'm not like freakd out or ne thing. and they strap us in and we're waiting to go. then the floor drops out and the seats moved. (the whole ride u are facing the ground!) and after that i just said angela i can not believe i let u talk me into this! i wasn't scared i was actually kinda pissed but then we went down that first drop and i was fine. i smiled my ass off the whole ride. it didn't even make me scream lol. but my absolute and total favorite was GOLIATH! it's their new ride. we waited till the end of the night to do that one so the line wasn't too bad. we waited maybe 45 min tops. and it ROCKED! it doesn't go upside down or ne thing but u are like barely strapped in and they take u up 200 ft just to drop u down a 170 ft drop! it's soo big that at one point u aren't even in the park! you are over the freakin interstate! it was amazing. i thought angela was going to pee on herself. lol. she kinda has a height thing which is weird b/c she loves roller coasters. and yeah we didn't even get to ride batman this time.  the wait was THREE HOURS! forget that. i almost didn't want to wait for superman but we did. and man me and angels both are burnt. hers was worse than mine b/c i've kinda already got a tan but my shoulders still hurt. and my purse lays right on my burn damn it lol. and yeah that's about it. NO! wait. no it isn't lol. u won't believe what happened last night! we left the park at like 7-ish right? well by 8:30 we had already hit the hot tub and hung out or whatever and we were trying to watch tv b/c it had started raining so hard they had already shut down the park so we went and grabbed a snack out of the machine and we're sittin there trying to get something on the tv and our power went out! seriously. by then it was 10:30 ok? and like they had the emergency lights in the hallways and in the lobby but the rooms were pitch black. so we had like no AC or ne thing. and like when we called the front desk and askd what was up they didn't tell us anything other than power should be back soon if not u can come down to the lobby. wtf? but we calld later and they told us power should be back at 11:45. PSH! when did we get it back? TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING! right after we both fell asleep too man. and wouldn't u know it we had like all the lights on when the power went out so when it came back all of them came on. not fun when ur trying to sleep lol. but man we had fun with the lights out. we had my laptop on playing really loud music and we were jumping on the bed and walking around the hotel talking to ppl. it was great. so ne ways. there was my nice long entry lol. love u guys.