June 10 2006

so i've finally been accepted at austin peay! and yeah my last official day at work is july 12th. and i know that seems early but i got to thinking about it and i havne't had a summer off (like one where i didn't work) since the 7th grade! so i decided i wanted a little bit of a summer before i go to school. so after that i am spending like two weeks in erin either at my uncle's house or clayton's idk which yet. and he's going to help me sort out all my fin aid stuff. u know since he already goes there and everything. and then after that me and clayton are spending his week of paid vacation in panama since he's never been to the beach. then we'll be home in time for my birthday and after that me and stacee are going back to florida for the end of summer. yay. i can't wait. it's going to be soooo much fun! yay for summer!