Breaking the Fast

November 28 2005
okay so i'm gonna break my xanga fast (oh c'mon don't look so disappointed! u had to see it coming lol) I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON U HAVE EVER SEEN! this morning started out sooo crappy. i dropped a whole giant can of apple juice and spilt it all over myself, then i slammed my own thumb in my car door and then i got my car stuck in a ditch! and i know that doesn't sound very lucky but i was close to flipping over and i couldn't go anywhere, i had to practically jump to get out of my car b/c i was stuck at such an odd angle and i was quite a few feet off the ground and i was like half an inch away from having the whole side of my car scraped off by one of those big cement thingys in the ditch and pretty sure my big bro (who ROCKS at the moment) and nathan (who also rocks) and T (who ROCKS the MOST) showed up, along with an EXTREMELY hot cop and the cop kept saying they weren't gonna get me out with out scraping up the whole side of my car but magically my car just popped right out of the ditch no scratches NOTHING! it was MAGICAL. i didn't get hurt nothing is wrong with my, NADA. i swear today was just my day. lol. and now that i said that i'm gonna go fall down the stairs and break my face or something lol. but now back to the xanga/phusebox fast.