Harry Potter and the GOF

November 18 2005

okay for those of u who haven't seen GOF yet i won't spill too much. but yeah. i'm EXTREMELY disappointed. like, the acting was great, they did a good job with it but it seems like they filmed the whole movie exactly like the book then they cut out chunks of it. and when i say chunks i mean CHUNKS. like the quidditch world cup lasted like five minutes, they didn't even explain the ppl blowing up the campsite, they completely left out winky and dobby, and S.P.E.W. and u have no idea how disappointed i was in the last task. they didn't even have any of the obstacles in the maze. no sphinx, no skrewts,  no anything! just some weird vines that try to attack and some creepy wind. lol. and voldemort...oh god don't even get me started! he's a joke! he looks ridiculous. AND they left out EVERYTHING about hagrid and madam maxime. and rita skeeter was more of a bit part, everything they said about her was just random bits of info, and it was just...UH! sry. i'll stop now. and i really didn't do a good job of not spilling too much did i?? lol.

call me later guys, lets do something!