I'm back!!

November 14 2005
so i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack. though i didn't wanna come back lol. we stayed in Bryan's beach condo an it was AMAZING!! it was three stories (it was narrow so it wasn't totally huge) but it had a deck on the roof! like the bottom floor was a garage and a hallway, then u go up the stairs and it's three bedrooms and two bathrooms, then u go up some MORE stairs and it's his kitchen and living room. but over in the corner above the stairs is a little loft. and it has this metal ladder going up and then u get to the loft and there is another ladder with like four or five steps and you open up this hatch and voila u are on the roof. and he's the only one in his condo complex thingy that has a deck on the roof. and he's totally across the street from the beach so it was amazing to go up there early in the morning. and did i mention it was on an island? oh yeah, complete with a lighthouse and everything. it was great. but yeah, if i gush ne more now u guys are gonna shoot me tomorrow. so i'm gonna go watch grey's anatomy.