November 02 2005

Okay guys help me out here. So me and Andrew had our "date" thing last friday night and his last entry on xanga was, "This is gonna be one of my last few posts...oh yeah, friday night was my birthday. Thanks for nothin' guys.
Fuck ya'll." that was it. and i asked him what was wrong and he never said anything. but yeah i'm wonderin' if i pissed him off. and yeah pretty sure i went to see who had updated today and he's shut down his xanga. so i have no clue what to think now. u guys REALLY need to help me out now!! =(

Aaron Massey

November 02 2005
i'm sorry to hear that... but something tells me that there are much better characters out there for you. you're a very great person, trust me. i know! but don't give up. hope things get better for you soon. see you at school.