August 02 2006

i don't like roofers coming at 7 am...

band started, its ok. i can't wait till we get drill in our hands though, i'd much rather do that than actually play something.

mexico was pretty awesome. check out my facebook for pictures. the saturday after i came back, i realized how much i loved all the kids there and that went on the trip. and how much i miss them, especially the one in greece at the moment :]

anywho, i'm excited about school starting up. i'll probably regret that statement in october...


July 11 2006
i do NOT want band to start. blegh


July 10 2006

boys. interesting species really. love them for a night, and then for some reason the next day its odd between them. it seems to be that way alot. oh well.

leaving for mexico on saturday. i'm totally excited.

i'll leave you with a couple of pics.

yay for fireworks,

pretty sunsets,

the cutest picture not meant to be taken,

and best friends.


June 17 2006

errr so my lovely antenna head got stolen on friday. urgh

summer breeze, makes me feel fine...

May 14 2006

just five days left! oh yeah!


April 30 2006
so i don't know if i've ever felt this left out in my life.

is it written in the stars, are we paying for some crime, is that all that we are good for, just a stretch of mortal time...

April 27 2006

so i thought it was time to update again.

nothing is astonishingly new, but just the normal high school dramas of breakups, finals, crushes, and band festivals. we went to two festivals this past week, and we did ok for the most part i guess.  i don't think i'll ever get tired of Fantasies. it's such an amazing piece to play.

we had the mexico mission trip meal sunday night and i'm REALLY looking forward to that now. it's the only thing i'm doing this summer. i'm looking forward to summer, but i'm gonna be bored out of my mind. i desperately need a job, does anyone know a place that's hiring??

man its SO hard liking someone who doesn't live in the same city as you. but could that be a good thing? ha i don't know.

only 3 short weeks till summer!!

 i LOVE these guys.

we all lead such elaborate lives....

April 11 2006

these past few days have definetly been interesting. we got back from washington, and were loaded with crazy amounts of homework and tests that (at least I) hadn't studied for. so it wasn't a great start to the new week. at least there's only 2 days and 5 weeks left of school!!

DC was fun, not as cool as san antonio, but thats ok.

yesterday afternoon i got something cut out of my foot. my warning to you is to not wear heels all day in a grassy/gravelly area. or wait for four months to do something about it. :

isn't it pretty?

baby i'm the lucky one

March 07 2006

ahh i made it a cartoon, isn't it cool?

i love old Amy Grant. it makes me feel like i'm five again.

recently i've been thrust into having these thoughts about my sister being able to get married. her two best friends were recently married and it's weird to think that they're old enough to go live on their own. with a boy. supporting themselves. it feels like just yesterday that me and my sister were fighting about why i took the original clothes off the rollerskate barbie. or being bored out of my mind when she started driving and not being able to listen to the radio for a good month while in the car with her. being so relieved that she was leaving for college, but after the first week she was gone missing her tremendously.

 i guess it comes with the territory.

 i need some new pictures.

we're breaking free

February 22 2006

yeah i need an happier entry. thanks everyone for the remarks...

winterfest was awesome. i met Rachael Lampa...

today was one of those rare days in february where you actually have fun. i'm singing those sophomore slump blues.

i had my registration appointment today. anytime i think about next year, it just makes me stress out. i mean i think it'll be a lot of fun but a lot of work. i guess junior years aren't easy, but still. mrs.cain was like "it's not good that you're already stressed out about next year."

there's so much i want to do. student council, band, choir, youth leadership rutherford, section leader, dbs, youth, girl scouts, the list goes on forever. that's all on top of three AP and two honors classes.

pray for me please!

i guess the biggest news is that my mom got a new car

it's definetly a beauty. but that also means that i got a car for myself, so its this huge deal that i can actually drive myself home from now on. no more begging for rides ever again!!

this is the story of a girl....

February 13 2006

man i have to start over somehow. i'm very happy that Winterfest is this weekend, but i've become this person that i'm constantly being called out on.

i've started using language i really shouldn't be using, and though its not cussing, it has very negative connotations. i feel like i offend people, i hate myself when these poisonous things slip out of my mouth. yet that doesn't make me stop.

i'm slipping in school. i'm in the sophomore slump. the 16 slump. the date slump. the becoming who you'll be phase, that just isn't too pretty. it happens though, and its something you have to get through.

so in conclusion i'm sorry if i've ever offended you with anything i've said. i'm monitoring myself more closely....

mother, i just can't get enough...

February 01 2006

i thought it was time to update. since it's been a frickin' month. anywho, life's been truckin, nothing too interesting. i think this year has the potential to be really exciting or really lame. my january hasn't told me much, maybe just that i'll be spending alot of time with friends. next year is really shaping up to be stressful. so many extracurriculars and stressful classes, but nobody ever said that junior year was easy right?

i'm excited because i get to go to chicago, even if it is just for a day. but it'll be really fun. i hope and pray that she moves the day so that i can go on the girls retreat too.

i'm looking forward to winterfest. i hope its the best yet, even though this is the first year i don't have someone going with me.

well have a great february!


January 01 2006

booo just one more day left of break. i think i'm gonna make the most of it and sleep in, watch all the movies i got for christmas, and just genuinely be lazy. mmm sounds good.

resolution was awesome. definetly the best year so far. although the energy levels were kind of down, i actually had friends to go with this year.

happy new year!


December 17 2005

huzzah my presents are finished. except my mom, and somehow i feel like thats gonna be a really last minute find :]

hmm my camera died, i guess just in time to get a new one huh?

the pirates of the caribbean trailer looks splendiforous. i'm so excited about it.

friday was a pretty sad day. i had to say bye to two friends. i pray that you guys have a great rest of your life, and hopefully my life and yours will intersect some day in the near future.

merry christmas!


December 02 2005

fun nights make me smile. i love having really fun random nights, on my own without having to care about parents getting you around. thanks stephy :]

so somehow this year has become more stressful than previous holiday seasons. maybe it's because i have no money... or cuz i'm freaking out about midterms (how am i supposed to take a midterm in a class i've done nothing in?)... or just not getting everything done. weirdly i kinda like it this way. gives me something to do.

i love my sissy and she finally got a phusebox!!


November 29 2005
listening to Rent makes me feel tons better :]


November 26 2005

i need some good christmas gift ideas. something that's pretty generic but i could make it personal. i'm a little low on the cash this year...

it's the same every single year. i have loads of cash from my birthday and allowance, and then i go and blow it. then i'm reduced to $9 for christmas presents. grrr

anyways i'd like some tips thanks!


November 21 2005

i love how i can just sit here and procrastinate... but i guess i did get a pretty good talk out of it.

if i could take the past 4 weeks back, would i? probably, actually in a heartbeat. but would it change anything? or would i have just another heartache to get over? if i had known what to do differently would it still change? or did God just make it like this because he knew we weren't meant to be? still, pathetically i want it to be the same as it was 3 weeks ago. i adore his hugs and his lazy grin and the way he made me the happiest i'd been in a really long time.

do i just forget it and move on? true i learned somethings, but it's been a week and i'm still not over it. more than i was a week ago, but it still lingers.

all i can hope for is God's love to get me out of this mess.

"Did you see that mess? Dang!"


November 14 2005

i'm swearing off guys.... at least for a while... please someone hold me to that...



November 11 2005

all i gotta say is boys are confusing...

and i'm a freak...


November 06 2005

wow i can't believe that i've reached 302 photos on here. i'm sorry i'm a picture junkie :]

yayuh!! just 2 weeks!!

she sure loves her Sean :)

for some reason i just LOVE this house. it's so rustic, but it's in the middle of the city...


it's a beautiful day!

November 03 2005

michael is amazing and that's all i'm gonna say. he really made me think this morning, and his mom came. i LOVE his mom. she's one of the sweetest ladies i know.

tonight's gonna be fun too :]

my iPod's playing my most favoritest songs on shuffle, today was such a gorgeous day, my neighbor's tree makes me smile,

that thing...

i dunno it was an all around good day... even if i didn't act like it.

have a superb rest of the day!:]


November 02 2005

i've gotta stop this now. stop stealing guys away from girls, not only in my thoughts but in real life too. i've gotta be like the worst friend in the history of friends.

i pray he doesnt come with me, i pray that he likes her instead. i pray that i find someone else that's not currently attached in anyway. because even though i think he's soooo cute and really nice, she had a stake on him way before i did. and though i don't like him because of her, it feels like that's what it is.

i'm very excited that all this church stuff fell on this week. i need God and people who know Him to help me through the complete disaster i have become.

i dont remember it being this bad last year. i was still involved with everything alright during marching, and this year it just seemed like it took over. but i still had the same amount of time as i had last year. church wasn't a priority, and that makes me really sad thinking back on the surplus amounts of churchage i skipped...

this has to be my favorite 6th grade teacher. i LOVED him. his beloved Sox finally won :)

my lovely Kim and the Cup. i was afraid we wouldn't see it for a while, but it's back!!!


November 01 2005

if you could pick any day to go back to, when would it be?


October 31 2005

marching season is finally over *sigh* i'm happy, but sad at the same time. i'm glad we went out with a bang :)

so it's monday morning, and my homework for 2nd and 3rd period isn't finished. well that's what the teacher's are gonna get when they pile it on on my busiest weekend anyway.

mmmmmm gotta love warm guys on cold nights....