Registering for Gifts

July 10 2007
Today Gray and I went to register for gifts at Wal-mart. Between us and my mother (who I took along for help), I must say, it was frustrating at first. Now that we have an idea of what we need and want, it'll be much easier. 
Gray did admit, however, that it was a fun process. :)
Mandy's wedding is in 11 days and then I turn 22. I feel so old... :(

Sweden and South Korea

July 08 2007
I'm back from Sweden and South Korea. God is moving in amazing ways around the world. It was so amazing to hear all about it.
10 months until the wedding... the countdown begins.


June 21 2007

Sweden has been amazing, we leave a week from tomorrow for South Korea...


Please keep our team in your prayers...


I get back on the 7th of July and then a few days after that it will be the 10 month countdown to my wedding!



School is over...

May 07 2007
And I'm getting married in a year and two days!


April 29 2007
I've fully decided that God can do anything, but wants us to be involved.

Will you be involved?

This summer I'm taking a huge step of faith and raising up $6000 to go to a country (Sweden) that is spiritually dead. So far I've raised about $2100... and God has been SO faithful.

Please pray for my team... $6,000 is a LOT of money, but we know God can do anything he wants to.

P.S. - This time in a year, I'll be about to get married... crazy!

VT and more

April 18 2007
My prayers are with the community at Virginia Tech.

School is wrapping up... YAY! Support is coming in... YAY! Car wash this weekend, speaking at my church... sending out more support letters...

Aside from that... good stuff is happening... I finally got to register for my final semester of school! 21 hours... a lot.. I know... I wish people would stop telling me that.. I KNOW ALREADY... But I have a fabulous schedule.. so that's awesome... um so yeah...

Oh and I made a wedding purchase yesterday. I purchased the napkins for our reception.. 200 for $40.. and they are personalized... YAY!


April 08 2007
Happy Easter!

Remember, Jesus is the reason.

Crazy Life

April 07 2007

Stress Relief

March 18 2007
So God has been answering tiny prayers all around me and I'm so grateful. It seems like decisions are coming together and the wedding planning has been kinder to me. I think I've finally decided on a potential color scheme and I'm pretty excited about it.

This weekend has been spent moving my things over to my parent's new house. It's sad to think that it's probably my last house with them. I will be getting the queen sized bed and furniture for it. It's a cute house though. Gray and I will be back in two weeks and we'll get to stay in it then.

So, as I mentioned previously, along with school and wedding planning, I am preparing and raising money for a mission trip to Sweden. Last night I had a strange dream about it and today I actually got some money from my aunt and my mother agreed to help me finish my deposit money. This afternoon I've been busy printing off address labels and business cards (I'm going to attach magnets and send them with my support letters).

My weekend has apparently disappeared. Next week is one that I'd rather not even think about. Today, in a few hours, we'll head back to Murfreesboro and go by Jenny Rone's house. I need to drop off my deposit and forms for Sweden and she's hosting a welcome home party for my Teresa! She's back from Japan for two weeks and it was so great to see her on Thursday. She's definitely different but the same sweet person at the same time. I didn't realize how much I had missed her, but I'm realizing as I grow older, people aren't ever fully gone, they are always there.

So there's that.. I've got a Theory solfege exam tomorrow (supposedly), I've got a fairy tale due in Storytelling, but I think he might give me until Thursday, thankfully. School has really caught up with me. I also have an article that will be in Sidelines on Wednesday and another one coming soon. My week is going to be extremely busy and I need to make sure I'm doing other stuff involving my practicum. Who knew school could be so crazy busy?

I can't wait for the summer.

Wedding Colors

March 17 2007
So, you know what has been giving me the most grief?

I can not decide the colors for my wedding.

Seriously... it's impossible!

Although I'm thinking light green and pink..


Bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend!

And I'm Back

March 11 2007
Well, I got back from spring break last night at around 10. It was a great week but very hard and challenging. I know, spring break was challenging? I finally realized that Satan was trying tso hard to get to me and it was working until I realized. Things are a lot better now, other than the fact that I must go back to school tomorrow. Just looking at what is coming up is a SCARY thing, but I guess I'll survive.

Anyway, we went down to Clearwater Beach, Florida for a week. Monday and Wednesday we did outreach at USF and Clearwater. After USF on Monday Gray and I went to Busch Gardens and we went back on Thursday. It was amazing. That place was super fast without the long lines. Off season rocks!

So yes, it was a lot of fun, and I didn't get sunburned!

Now I must go back to the normal life, especially at 8am tomorrow with a desk shift. I guess I'll survive. School has been kicking my butt, but we'll see what happens. One week at a time, right?

I'm really going to have to get my butt going on support raising though. So MANY letters to send out in such a short time. But with God, anything is possible!

Spring Break

March 02 2007
Spring Break is here at last! I am going to Clearwater Beach, Florida for a week. See you when I get back!

Bank Deposit Boxes -- BEWARE!

February 28 2007
Ok, a few years ago my parents were looking for important documents such as my birth certificate and such. Well, they thought that the documents were in the safety deposit box at the bank, but they weren't. They also thought they might be at home. They weren't. It was concluded that they had been thrown away and so we all had to go and get new birth certificates.

Well, my parents bought some CD's recently and put them in the bank. Yesterday my dad went to the bank to get one that was expiring soon. It wasn't there. So he calls my mom who insisted he go double check. It wasn't there, but ALL the missing stuff was. Yes, ALL of it. So my mom was thinking and concluded that there had to be TWO boxes that our key worked on.

Sure enough, they went this morning and found both boxes and now we're down to just one box. Needless to say, the bank apologized and we're going to have a year of free service in that department.

So, that's the most exciting thing to happen recently and it brings to a close a really big mystery. Although I think it's funny because I now have two copies of my birth certificate.

In other news, I am raising support to go to Sweden and South Korea on a missions trip this summer. If you know of anyone who could possibly support me, please let me know because I need to raise $6000 dollars...

P.S. - I get to go to Clearwater Beach, Florida for a week with CRU and my awesome fiance!


February 24 2007
SO, I'm trying to make the transition to phusebox, we'll see how it goes.

This past week was hard, the hardest I've done in a while. I had so many tests or assignments. Now I can breath because it's over with. In fact, I only have one test next week to worry about now before spring break on the lovely shores of Clearwater Beach, Florida. Now, that's exciting.

Thursday was a big day for me. See, Crusade had asked me write an article for Sidelines about the "Sexpert" coming to campus. I did that, and it's published, so go check it out. Jeff Patton came and spoke to us that night and did a great job. He's a great speaker and he actually keeps it real instead of sugar coating the sex talk. We need someone like that in our society, for real.

Then yesterday I had to go apply for a passport since I'm planning on going to Sweden this summer. I was very prepared and the process was smooth. Now it's Saturday and I'm about to head to a baseball game and then I'm on duty for the night. Gray and I are going to watch Marie Antoinette and Man of the Year. Not really exciting, but it is for us. We never have free time anymore.

Weddng planning wise... yes, I bought a dress and it's beautiful and my dream dress. I'm very excited! The wait for my wedding date has not been hard at all. It's like a prize for being good for a year in a way. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not super anxious. I feel very calm about it. granted, it is a year away, but already this semester is almost over with... In no time it will be here. I can't wait. :)

Old Entries

February 24 2007
The Case of Illness is Solved February 20, 2007
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So, after the wedding dress shopping adventure I found myself sick.

Very sick.

Sunday night Gray drove me to the hospital in Smyrna because my temperature had risen to 100.3 and it was still rising. After waiting forever, I was told I was not an emergency case and it would cost me $200 dollars minimum to be treated.

I left.

I went to Health Services on campus yesterday and the very nice doctor lady told me it sounded as if I had really bad allergies (duh) and that my congestion had led to a growth of bacteria (hence the fever) and so she gave me a prescription for a z-pack, nasonex, and told me to continue my allergy medicine. So I took Monday off from school and I’m taking today off as well. I’m going to try and get some work done later tonight though. I’m kind of nervous about school, but I’m letting God handle everything, because I can’t. I am also worried because scholarships are due tomorrow and I’m sick… So I don’t think they’re going to happen. sigh. We’ll see.

So that’s how I’ve been. I am so definitely counting down the days until spring break… 10 more to go!!!


Wedding dress shopping February 17, 2007
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Well, my first experience shopping for a wedding dress was short and interesting. It is also my last experience because I bought my wedding dress. Here’s how it all went out.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 thinking we were leaving at 9 to head up to Nashville. I awoke to a ground covered in white snow. Yes, SNOW.

My dad informed me that we were going to wait for a while and see if it cleared up. So we did. We waited and waited. Finally, my mom called my sister and after about 15 minutes it was decided that Paul would drive us there in this company truck. So, off we went and headed to David’s Bridal in Antioch.

I was nervous when I first walked in but it became easier. I filled out a form and they gave me a consultant. Her name was Miriam. She actually didn’t find me for about 5 minutes as we wandered over to the 10s and started looking. She told me to pick out about 5 dresses and to try them. So, I grabbed a strapless and several very pretty dresses, all under $500 and headed that direction. My mom caught her eye on a more expensive dress, $799 and Paul immediately told her to put it back, but she insisted. “Oh let her try it on.”

So, I go in the back and they give me the special bra and fluffy slip to put on for my underwear. Then we proceed to put dress number one on. It was a strapless dress. It fit me everywhere except at my chest. I mean, I’m a pretty blessed girl in that region and when it fits everywhere but THERE, it was obvious that they did that to make money in alterations, because I’m blessed but I’m petite. In other words, I’m a skinny girl with curves. So, I modeled that dress for Paul and Tracey and I knew immediately that it was not THE dress. So I go back and this time I tried on a ballroom style dress. Well, it was fun, but I knew I wanted a train and it did not have one. So back to the dressing room. I tried on a pretty dress that was a halter top but it didn’t have a very long train, so back we go again. The next dress was THE dress. It was absolutely beautiful. And yes, it was the $799 dress. When I put it on my mother said, “Becca, that is BEAUTIFUL.” and when I went out to the mirror, I could tell it was the dress. It had the longest train in the entire store and it’s a halter top (I hate strapless dresses, yuck!). It’s beautiful and best of all, they had a special sale so I got $150 off of it, so only $649! Granted, it will need alterations, but I have almost a year before I have to do anything with it. I ended up trying on the veil and tiara with it and it was beautiful. I almost teared up.

I decided to try on another dress, just to make sure. I was right, I hated the next dress and Paul referred to it as being the chevete after the porsche.

So we purchased the dress and the bra/slip. We’re going to get the veil, shoes, and tiara at a later time, we just wanted to get the dress while we could.

All I have to say in advice is..

- Take all the advice you receive with a grain of salt. I went into the store with a good idea of what I wanted, I had pictures, I knew what styles looked best on my body frame and I tried on a few of each. In the end, the dress that worked for me was one my mother grabbed at last minute. So, don’t rule out any dress because of style or price.

So yeah, my best advice to give is to just be prepared and know about wedding dresses. I wasn’t in that store for more than an hour, seriously. It’s funny too because I had seen my dress online, but I thought it was strapless and ruled it out. It also helped that my mother and sister knew what they were doing. So take someone with you who knows about wedding dresses and makes sure you don’t get suckered into something.

So yeah, now that I have my dress I feel like I can relax a bit and it’s probably a good thing because school is about to kick my butt.

Valentine’s Day February 15, 2007
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I should be studying but oh well.

I had a pretty amazing V-Day. Last year V-Day was my one month with Gray and he was super sweet and brought me my gifts at midnight when I was working the desk at Judd. Yes, my man has skills. hehe

This year Gray surprised me at lunch with a big teddy bear. I’ve named it Mr. Bear. Later that afternoon he also gave me 4 roses, and showed me that he had originally bought me 12 dozen white roses, but they started to wilt, so he has been pressing them for me. And he got me chocolates and carmex (inside joke). It was a wonderful V-Day and we didn’t even go anywhere. Instead I was on duty and hung out with my girls and had bible study with my wonderful sophomore girls. It reminded me of my sophomore year on v-day bible study… good memories.

So yeah, things for the wedding are still coming along. Every now and then I freak out and think I’m not going to have time, but then I settle back down into school. Something that has been really bothering me though is how everyone has responded negatively to the fact that Gray and I will be engaged for over a year. Here is the low down as to that.

Before Gray and I were engaged we were talking about marriage. The idea of getting married in August came up and I had a horrible feelining in my gut, it didn’t feel right at all. Once we got engaged and I said we’d be getting married in May, people freaked out. They all started to say that we wouldn’t make it and stay sexually pure. It really hurt. See, I’ve got a past where I was not sexually pure (not as in sex, but just sexually) in a previous relationship. I’ve healed from that and I’m not under any circumstances going to have sex before my honeymoon. I just won’t. And then there are the people who are very negative about it. I wish people would mind their own business. We both now it’s going to be rough, but we don’t have another option and I feel that’s what God wants us to do. I graduate in December. It’s too much of a financial burden on my parents to have a wedding then too. The only other time to get married is in March and Gray doesn’t want to get married during the semester. That leaves this summer or next.. and this summer is way too soon. Yes, we know we want to get married but neither of us feel that we’re ready for marriage this summer. Marriage is not something to rush into, you must prepare. 6 months does not feel like a long enough engagement for me. Every person is different and for me, that’s too short. A year and 3 months is not ideal, but it’s what will work the best for us.

So anyway… that’s my rant for the night. I can say that my future husband is absolutely amazing and I’m very blessed to know him and have him in my life.


Looking back on a week February 12, 2007
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So, I’m taking a few moments to take a break from life and update you on life. My mondays are kind of crazy, but I’m halfway through the day and still alive! Yay!

A lot of things have happened this past week. I’ll start with Tuesday and work my way from there.

Tuesday: The second stressful day of the week. The day was crazy but I got to hear some stories that were very entertaining and I did a dance workshop for my Survey of World Music class. That was a very interesting experience. We learned some African tribal dance moves and had the drums going. It pretty amazing.

Wednesday: Oh how I definitely never learn not to procrastinate. I had the entire day to work on a paper but I put it off until later that night. I did get it finished, but it sucked big time. Other than that, my day was sort of boring.

Thursday: My last busy day of the week and it was a doosy. I ran around all day, ended up being able to get some dinner with great and enjoyed Cru. Then we went to DQ and I was so tired that Gray convinced me to go back to Lyon and I ended up breaking down crying in his car. It was very eye opening. I’m appreciating what I have now and realizing how thankful I am and blessed, for that matter. I believe we ended up playing Phase 10, but I don’t remember.

Friday: I actually got up and went to my morning class, then Gray and I went and setup bank accounts. He opened a checking and savings account while I opened a savings account. We rented two movies from Hollywood video and hung out for a while before I went to Jenny Rone’s for a movie night with my bible study. I also asked Lolo to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. She informed me of a flood in Wood. I went and watched the movie, met Jen, Alice’s sister, and then I went back and hung out with Gray for a while.

Saturday I don’t remember much of but I was on duty and nothing happened until Sunday morning…

Sunday: I got called at 9ish to go relieve Gwyn for a bathroom break and then we found out the McHenry basement was flooding. Yeah, Wood flooded and McHenry flooded twice this weekend. Not fun. I got off duty and went to do homework, went to a leadership meeting, and then played the game of Life till 1.

So yeah, my week was sort of eventful, but stressful.

The stress is about to hit the fan.. I have SO much due before spring break, it’s not even fathomable.

Tonight I have discipleship with Rachel, Sidelines staff meeting, and bible study.

I’m kind of tired.. and not looking forward to the long day of tomorrow. I just don’t have time for all of this…

In other news, wedding updates!!

I am proud to give a new website:!

So with Lolo, that makes 4 bridesmaids… Gray asked his dad to be his best man and we’ve asked Beau Berman to marry us.
So, pretty exciting! Oh and Andrew Nelson is going to take our engagement pictures.

So right now I’m focused on school work, scholarships, and raising up support for Sweden.

I get to go on spring break with Cru as well!

God is so faithful. I’m so blessed. I just wish I didn’t have so much stress.


On whimsy tales and other things.. February 5, 2007
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So I’ve decided that God is pretty amazing. I had discipleship with Jenny Rone tonight and I’ve realized lately how big of a deal the Bible is. Yes, I did know it was a big deal before, but I’m feeling something big from it lately. Like, God wants me to know so much and I keep pushing it away. I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all but I’ve always felt called to God’s work and this is just another sign to me that I’m meant to be doing his work.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what God wants from me. I can’t seem to decide what to do when I graduate. I’m not quite ready to make that decision though. I know that I love Crusade and everything about it. I love my girls and I love God. God has been showing me a lot lately. Ever since I got engaged, I’m seeing a lot more of my selfishness. I don’t want to be the nagging wife. I want to be the wife that loves her husband and wants to take care of him. I want that passion behind my marriage. I want a lot of things actually. The more I look at everything, the more that I see how blessed I am. God has given me so much. For a long time I’ve been peering on the other side of the fence and God has been tapping on my shoulder.


Turn around and see what I made just for … you….

It’s kind of amazing when I look back on the past few years. The steps I took that brought me to where I am today. I remember being the naive little girl I was back in high school. Back when everything was so innocent. Now I am ashamed of parts of my past. If anything, just because I did not follow or serve my God like I should have. I’ve been on two summer projects now and I’m going to Sweden this summer. God has so much to teach me and sometimes I wish I didn’t have the clutter of a schedule. I wish I could just enjoy my college career without those darn classes.

Perhaps I’m just rambling now. I just wish that so much of my college career was more on the people, the amazing people I’ve met here. I can not thank them enough for the impact they’ve had on me. The start of that list would probably be Mandy along with Teresa. Mandy has been around the longest. Even though we never see each other, she’s still a good friend of mine. I will never forget meeting her in Cummings, having aerobic dance with her… and then of course, living with her in Wood. The next on that list would be Teresa and the Wood girls… my best friends… I really feel like I don’t have a true best friend… other than the wonderful man I am marrying. But I think that’s how it should be. I’ve got some truly amazing women in my life. Women that I suck at keeping in touch with. Sometimes I just need to hear their voices… I could make a huge list of the women who impact my life… mainly now it’s Rachel, Shannon, Samantha, Kelsey, Bri, Beth, Trina… and of course.. countless others… I’m just struck so hard now by the fact that my world is changing. When I was in high school, I was so ready for college and now I’m on the verge of leaving college and I don’t want to. I’m not at all sure that I want to do journalism. I love to write, but I’m not sure it’s what I want. I’m so indecisive.

I’m really just rambling, but I’ve got so many thoughts.. and I wish I had time to consider them all and to seek God’s will at a deeper level. Perhaps I’ll just go to India and be a misisonary like Amy Carmichael.. that would be nice.

Oh how time flies…
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So I’m in the midst of February, the last February of my college career. Crazy huh? Last semester I didn’t say that much, but I realize that this is truly my last spring semester. I’m so excited to face the real world, but scared as well. This week has really been a week to truly be thankful for what I have and what God has blessed me with. It was a tough week and this coming week is even more tough. School is trying to get ahead of me, but as long as I keep on my toes, I’ll be fine.

This weekend was good to relax and gain some perspective. I was on duty and it was rather quiet. Gray and I rented three movies and watched them: Lady in the Water, Material Girls, and Jaws. All three were good movies, although by the time we got to Jaws, I was bored. I also bought Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Producers and a double feature of The Gates of Splendor/A Night with the King… 3/4 I haven’t seen yet so that’ll come soon, probably this next weekend. We also re-decorated my hall for February with a V-Day theme. I’m having a social on V-Day for my girls. Also, Thursday we had the surprise party for Anne, which was a great success, she did not expect a thing. It was also nice to hear things from her culture and she told us a legend. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Finally, tonight Gray and I did dinner and a movie. I needed to watch The Queen for a class so we decided to finally have our anniversary dinner.. and of course, to celebrate the fact that we’re getting married. We ended the night with a marriage preparation devotional we’ve been going through. This week we talked about the different types of love. I’m really glad that we’ve decided to focus on our relationship with God and each other. I’m proud to say that the majority of my wedding plans have been put to the side. I want our relationship to be key, not my planning, and I do have the time to spare. Although, I will be getting together with my lovely maid of honor this month to do some preliminary dress shopping. So exciting!

So yes, my weekend was wonderful and I’m not at all looking foward to my early morning or school tomorrow. Tomorrow is a busy day… I’m not sure that I’m ready for it. I guess we’ll see.. my personal time has disappeared it seems!

Craziness! February 4, 2007
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My life is, as usual, CRAZY! I’ve got an insane amount of work to do and I keep finding myself in these times of peril or at least of procrastination. There have been some ups and some downs, but God is working major things out. I’m just so thankful to have Gray in my life and God of course… they are both great. It looks as though we have someone to take our engagement pictures, so yay! Now I just need help in the actually photographer of my wedding. I’m looking into three different photographers right now.. so we’ll see how that all goes. Planning a wedding is so much work and I have a year! haha It’s been good though, to know that and not stress so much. I’m concentrating hard on school, my job, and of course, my girls. I love my bible study girls SO much!! However, I must say engagement must be in the water. Two girls.. one from high school, one from Clearwater Beach Summer Project just got engaged within a day or so of each other! Crazy! And at least one is getting married before me.. which is boo.. but I know my timing is just right.

So far we’re booking the church and stuff and then we just asked Britt to be our officiant, and he’s double checking. So I’m praying that works out because Britt is awesome and I’d love to have someone who knows us both marry us and it not be awkward. He said if it works out, we’ll be his only wedding for the year of 2008, craziness!

So yeah, Gray and I have been good.. it’s been challenging, I think communication is rearing it’s head to show both of us that marriage is all about communication, but we’re getting there. He’s been putting up with my craziness, that’s for sure. I love him for it. I still can’t believe I’m getting married!

School, on the other hand, it’s going to be a challenging semester. I’m putting as much effort as I can into school work without driving myself crazy. I’m hoping for straight A’s this semester, but I’m also hoping to survive without going insane! My practicum is not what I thought it’d be, but it’s a whole lot of writing, so we’ll see.

Well, my thoughts are kind of hazy and I need to get some sleep. Perhaps I’ll write more tomorrow.

So yeah.. life, school, and other stuff January 27, 2007
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I apparently had a post written that I had forgotten about. Oh well.

I am in Memphis! It’s been kind of hectic, but I’m here and it’s nice to be relaxing a bit. Gray and I ran into traffic in Nashville last night and didn’t get to leave until almost 7 when we left school around 4… kind of crazy. But we finally arrived and I’ve been thinking a lot. Despite what everyone has told us about how hard a year+ engagement will be, so far it’s been good for us. We’ve talked and haven’t felt desires pounding on us. In fact, we haven’t really seen much of each other and when we have, it’s just been nice to talk. Yes, we are excited and the funny thing is, we’ve planned more of the honeymoon than anything else. Well, as in where we want to go and what we want to do. hehe I guess that’s to be expected though. My wedding plans are sort of on hault until February gets here and I have time to go and do things. School and my schedule are sort of kicking my butt right now and forcing me to put wedding planning on the side. I’m trying to focus on keeping my school work done so that I can go ahead and do some planning, but no, school is kicking it’s head in the way. Oh well, it’ll happen.

On a plus note, I’m really surprised and excited to be adding new girls to bible study. Shannon and I currently have Faith and Grace, April, Rachel, Kelsey, and Danielle and now we’re adding Valerie and she’s bringing a girl named April as well. That’s such a blessing! I’m excited to see how the semester goes but it sort of makes me sad also. Like, I know that I still have another semester to go, but it seems like that semester will be completely different. Hmm I guess we’ll see. Well, I need to go and enjoy the company I have here.

Oh and my sister and Paul are finally officially engaged, with ring and all.. So now she has the ring and the wedding dress and I imagine she’ll get married this summer… hopefully not while I’m in Sweden.. but we’ll see.

Wedding Planning and the start of a semester January 21, 2007
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So this weekend is starting out in a pretty awesome way.

Gray and I went home this weekend so I could show my ring off to my family and so we could book my church for the wedding. Well, that’s an entire other story, but basically my church doesn’t book that far in advance so my mommy dearest is taking care of that for me. It was rather annoying actually. We talked about budgeting and basically, my mom said we’d get the dress first and then work on the budget so hooray! She’s actually giving in to a few areas in which I did not think she would, like my budget. I am fully willing to work with them and I have a lot of time. I’m so glad I’ve got over a year, I can’t imagine trying to plan a wedding with my schedule! It looks like a lot of planning will be done this summer, but I’m hoping to get a start soon and I can’t wait. My little maid of honor and I will be hitting bridal stores soon (hopefully!). I want to have the bridesmaids dresses picked out soon because Shannon has applied for Stint. It shall all fall into place and the great thing is Gray and I have plenty of time to focus on what is most important, our relationship being centered on God. I think that’s the top priority for us. I am not just planning a wedding, it’s about God. We started going through a devotional type workbook designed to prepare you for marriage and it’s been good to hear what we think and what we want. I’m also reading a book about being a wife after God’s own heart. I read a book that Gray’s dad had told me to and I recommend it to anyone getting married. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura S. Trust me, I don’t care how great you think you are, that book is AMAZING!

So anyway, the semester has started off and I already have homework. I’m doing a practicum with Sidelines and my first of many articles is in tomorrow’s paper so check it out! I’m enjoying the semester so far and I hope it goes by fast because I can not wait for the summer! However, I am not looking forward to my last semester here at all. Boo to that.

So anyway, Gray and I are doing very well and we’re both very excited. We’ve gotten an overwhleming amount of congrats and it’s been wonderful. Thank you to everyone who has screamed (Beth, haha I love you girl!) or have hugged me or whatever. I think I’m really beginning to feel this amazing feeling and it’s all the Lord’s doing. For so long I struggled with wanting this and God was faithful. In fact, that’s the song I want played at my wedding, ‘Faithfully.’

So, I’m off to go get ready for bed, hooray for a wonderful week ahead of me.

Engagement, School, and my Schedule January 19, 2007
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The past week has been absolutely insane! First off, Sunday night I got the surprise of a lifetime when my boyfriend of a year (as in, that was our anniversary) asked me to marry him. I’m still not sure that I realize that I’m getting married! I’m so thankful God has brought us together and planned everything and I’m feeling so overwhelmingly happy. It’s a crazy experience!

School started back Tuesday and already my schedule is CRAZY! I’m taking 17 hours this semester, one of which is a practicum with Sidelines. So far everything has been going very well. I’m already getting homework, but I’m trying hard not to procrastinate, at least not too much.

So, the week has been crazy but it’s been so much fun. I’m starting to figure out some basics for my wedding. I’ve got 3 amazing and wonderful and beautiful bridesmaids who are all my best friends and I’m so excited they are going to be in my wedding! Miss Rachel Atwood is going to be my maid of honor and I’m freaking excited about it! My little ball of energy!!! haha And then Samantha Smith and Shannon Beels are my other bridesmaids. I’m so glad that things work out according to God’s plans because I couldn’t imagine my wedding without those three. So far Gray hasn’t made a decision other than his brothers will both be his groomsmen, but other than that, he’s not sure who will end up being his best man. I’ve made a few other decisions, but right now I’m just waiting to go home and confirm some things like for one, my adorable little niece will be my flower girl! aww sooo precious!

Ok, so school has been very busy and I’m so thankful it’s the weekend. I’m going to go home for a day and visit with my family and I’m excited about it! Most of all, I’m thankful that I’m so blessed to be given the most amazing man in the world as my future husband and all of it is because I let God write my love story. Aww.

So yeah, I’m sure more updates will come, planning a wedding at least makes my life more interesting, haha. Oh and right now we’ve set the date for May 10, 2008. Hooray!


February 05 2007
I never write much in here. However, my domain expires in a month and I dislike xanga, so phusebox it is!


January 15 2007


September 13 2006
Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you are going to get.....

Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans...

I imagine God has been laughing for a quite a while. Maybe someday I will get with the program...


September 03 2006
I have an amazing man. :)


August 09 2006
I go home in two days. Yippee!


July 28 2006
I turned 21 two days ago and I got to celebrate at Walt Disney World... amazing! Tonight my lovely Gray leaves to go back home and I will have exactly two weeks until I am at home. This summer has been amazing, but challenging... I can not wait for home... I miss it so much. God has definitely provided this summer... God is amazing.


February 27 2006
School is sort of insane.. I want this semester to be over with.. I get to spend my summer at Walt Disney World on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ, how exciting!

Gray met my brother this weekend.. and I'm meeting his entire family next weekend.. what is more.. I'm going to Memphis.. haven't been there to stay.. so that shall be quite fun.. kind of scary..but yeah..


February 23 2006
I found out Monday that I will be working in Merchandise at Disney World this summer.. YAHOO!


February 22 2006
I absolutely love my Freshman Bible study girls!


February 13 2006
So, it definitely SNOWED!