Inspirational Wedding Planning

September 13 2007

A lot of the time I will look at or to get inspirational ideas for my wedding. Right now, I'm not doing major planning because school and work on my life, but I like to get a few things accomplished.


This month I've been working on figuring out what hotels in our area are going to cost for our guests. I've managed to find a few good deals and later this month I'm going to call and set aside some rooms for our guests and wedding party people.


Another item I've been looking at is bridesmaid dresses. In my head, I know exactly what I want and so I'm just trying to find it in a reasonable price range and with sizes to fit all my girls. 


The thing that I find most annoying is that David's Bridal, where I got my dress, will not have their spring collection out until January... less than 5 months before my wedding. I would rather start making a decision before the holidays so my girl can be ordering their dresses before January. I've looked at a few places and the ones I've really liked are all from 


I'm either going with clover or moss, I need to see the color in person.  


I'm excited to go and see the dresses with my girls and I'm excited to buy wedding invitations soon! Gray and I have decided what we want and now all we need to do is buy them and diy!