Crazy Beautiful Life

September 09 2007
So, my life has been crazy the past two weeks. Taking 21 hours definitely is a challening thing and I hope I can manage it all semester long. Thankfully, my job is easy and I can do my homework there. I get paid to do my homework.
It's now about 8 months away from the wedding and I'm starting to feel better about certain things. Friday afternoon Gray and I met up with a friend of ours to shoot some engagement pictures. We did some in the spring but I wanted to wear this great new dress I got and we definitely wanted some fun ones to add to the others. So, we asked a friend of ours and he agreed. I think that from what I saw, they are going to turn out amazing. He also was able to use us for models in some photos for his photography class roll. It was a lot of fun. I'm definitely going to start saving up money if I can and putting it towards photography for the wedding because that's something that's very important to me. I know who I want and I know that right now its out of the question because of my family's financial situation. However, I also know that I have 8 months to go and that's a lot of time to come up with money. So, we'll see what happens. Some changes occured over the summer. For example, I asked a good friend to be a bridesmaid, one of my bridesmaids pulled out (very good excuse, missions trip for a year in another country) and I asked a good friend to be a honorary bridesmaid. So I have 4 bridesmaids, a junior bridesmaid, and 3 honorary ones...
As far as planning goes, I haven't been doing much. My timeline says to look at dresses, talk to hotels for the guests out of town, and I think to look at cakes and flowers. My florist said come back closer to the wedding, the cake might be made by my aunt, I looked up hotels but need to call to set aside rooms and I know what the bridesmaid dress will look like, but must wait until January to start buying them with the girls.
So, that's it for planning. We sent out save the dates two weeks ago and will be sending out more soon to my family.  I'm in the midst of working on the favors and next up will be the invitations... craziness. 
Well, time for some sleep, I must get a lot done tomorrow.