August 24 2007
So Gray and I finally mailed off about half of our save-the-date postcards today. We actually mailed 40, all his side. Now I just have to figure out who my mom hasn't given one to on our side. 
The past week has been great and exciting, as well as tiring. I moved into my new apartment on Sunday and I've been adjusting to it. I absolutely love it here. SOOOO much nicer than living on campus. I love haivng a kitchen to make my own food in. It's much cheaper and actually fun to look for things to make it more homey. We've done some re-arranging and organizing to fit us in a bit better. We need more storage space. 
Since I've been here our air conditioning went out. That was not exactly fun... two days of a sauna. I am unpacked though and ready to start classes. I even already have an assignment.
Yesterday I went to desk assistant training and I start work Sunday at the Corlew desk. I'm working 14 hours a week which means I'm basically getting $340 or so a month. More than I made as a RA last year. Pretty sweet deal considering my schedule is crazy! My hours are all morning hours MWF except on Sunday afternoons. I'm pretty happy with that. 
I'm just enjoying the last few days of summer vacation. I have to finish the rest of the postcards, do my frequent flyer miles, and work some on the favors so I will have it all done before school starts back.