Stress from student loans and wedding guest lists

August 09 2007

So, my parents and I had decided that I would take a small student loan out for this last semester. We accepted the loan via pipeline over a week ago. Today we took action into our own hands.

Apparently I was supposed to fill out an application and then I'd get my prom. note to sign. Thanks MTSU for letting me know this.


I've now taken care of this and signed the prom. note online. I'm only going in debt about $3,000 but since my mom is not working, it was neccessary. Between the loan, scholarship money and our last bit of college savings, I have enough money for tuition, books, food for this semester and my apartment's rent for the entire 12-month lease. This is great becaus e we'll be able to pay for the year up front and get almost a month's worth of rent for free. Great savings and it's one less thing to worry about later.


Aside from all of that, today I decided was going to be the day I made a list of everyone I'm inviting to my wedding. This way I know how many invitations I'll need... etc. We're not completely done, but we have around 150 written down with Gray's family still needing to contribute some more.


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