Cake Topper and Favors

August 07 2007

This entry is long over due because I started working on it over a week ago.


While we were in Sweden, Gray and I came across these rubber ducks. I had a rubber ducky bathroom theme in high school and so I started collecting rubber ducks. Well, Gray saw this when we first started dating and told me I'd have a collection by the time we got married. I now probably have 15-20 and we couldn't resist adding these two to the collection. These will probably be used on the wedding cake as toppers. Notice my rubber ducky bathrobe in the background. ;) 


photo from becsaboo When I set out to do favors for the wedding, I knew immediately I wanted something that would save money and be practical. We chose from the beginning to use the bubbles as favors.
photo from becsabooSo I watched and found a great sale and managed to buy all the bubbles for our wedding for under $25. Then I took ribbon that is in our colors (pink and green) and wrapped it around. The finishing touch were favor tags that I printed off myself. 

photo from becsaboo
It's nothing too original but it's a start to helping the wedding be cost effective. Since our budget got a lot tighter over the past few months, I'm trying a lot of diy ideas out. I would like to even make my veil myself if possible. So, we'll see what happens.