Thoughts of the Future

August 06 2007

So I woke up today to the sound of my mother stating I had mail. It was a letter from the lady who gives me a private scholarship. We had called her office to ask if I could get the scholarhsip one more semester. She agreed so the letter was the usual letter sent to me about the money.


It seems like my time at home has gone by very slowly but also very fast. I leave Friday to go to Memphis for a week and when I get back I have a few short days at home and then it's off to Murfreesboro for the year! I'm definitely excited for the new changes.


I'm going to be living at University Gables with three of my best friends until I get married.


The time at home has been good but I've been going crazy with boredom. 


It feels like there is no time to get anything accomplished, although I know there is.


My room is pretty much packed up. That feels strange. I've been trying to leave some things because I feel I won't need them, like my stereo system. We'll see I guess.


This past weekend was wonderful because I got to get out of the house and see some good friends. Friday night, Gray and I went to see Bourne: Ultimatium. It was a good, but dizzying movie. Saturday we drove to Hickory Hollow Mall to hang with Kelsey, picked up Shannon and visited Jenny and Alice at home before catching dinner with Shannon. It's hard to believe that Jenny and Shannon are going to be gone for a year and Kelsey will be away in another state. Crazy.  I'm learning that it's not goodbye forever though, just for now.


Well, I am off to enjoy the relaxation time I have.