Wedding Planning

July 31 2007
So, wedding planning has been interesting today. The past few days I've been trying to make some decisions so I'm not as stressed out in the coming months. In a month I'll be in my last semester with 21 hours. I have a feeling wedding planning will be stressing me out during this time.  After I graduate, I must find a job. I will probably still be stressing out. Luckily, I now have my honeymoon to look forward to. In 9 months I will be in the Bahamas!  As far as wedding planning, I've been dealing with my registries and looking into floral options. Today mom and I went to the Carrolton House to look at fine china and then to the florist shop in town. We were making great deals until she realized my wedding is during mother's day weekend. Oh good Lord.  So, what we'll probably end up doing is having my aunt, who used to be a florist, help us find silk flowers for the majority of the wedding. Then, my boquet will be fresh flowers from the florist shop in town and we'll do the rentals from there as well. So far my mom is ok with this, which is GOOD. Flowers are turning out to be more expensive than we thought.   I really want to do an arch like this one:

photo from becsaboo 
These are the matching candelabras.

photo from becsaboo  We will also have a unity candle setup as shown above. Just the rentals are going to be about $100.  So, that's been my adventure in wedding planning. I realize I have 9 months to go, but no one seems to realize that starting September until the end of the year, I'm going to be swamped with school... and then a real world job. I need to get as much done while I still have a brain! Thankfully, several big items are taken care of. My mom's best friend Kathleen has been placed in charge of the reception. She's going to be helping us decorate the fellowship hall of my home church.  I'm very excited about everything. Most importantly, I can't wait to marry the man I love and spend my life with him.