Stress Relief

March 18 2007
So God has been answering tiny prayers all around me and I'm so grateful. It seems like decisions are coming together and the wedding planning has been kinder to me. I think I've finally decided on a potential color scheme and I'm pretty excited about it.

This weekend has been spent moving my things over to my parent's new house. It's sad to think that it's probably my last house with them. I will be getting the queen sized bed and furniture for it. It's a cute house though. Gray and I will be back in two weeks and we'll get to stay in it then.

So, as I mentioned previously, along with school and wedding planning, I am preparing and raising money for a mission trip to Sweden. Last night I had a strange dream about it and today I actually got some money from my aunt and my mother agreed to help me finish my deposit money. This afternoon I've been busy printing off address labels and business cards (I'm going to attach magnets and send them with my support letters).

My weekend has apparently disappeared. Next week is one that I'd rather not even think about. Today, in a few hours, we'll head back to Murfreesboro and go by Jenny Rone's house. I need to drop off my deposit and forms for Sweden and she's hosting a welcome home party for my Teresa! She's back from Japan for two weeks and it was so great to see her on Thursday. She's definitely different but the same sweet person at the same time. I didn't realize how much I had missed her, but I'm realizing as I grow older, people aren't ever fully gone, they are always there.

So there's that.. I've got a Theory solfege exam tomorrow (supposedly), I've got a fairy tale due in Storytelling, but I think he might give me until Thursday, thankfully. School has really caught up with me. I also have an article that will be in Sidelines on Wednesday and another one coming soon. My week is going to be extremely busy and I need to make sure I'm doing other stuff involving my practicum. Who knew school could be so crazy busy?

I can't wait for the summer.

Nathan Moore

March 18 2007
good luck on the wedding planning... it gets worse.