Bank Deposit Boxes -- BEWARE!

February 28 2007
Ok, a few years ago my parents were looking for important documents such as my birth certificate and such. Well, they thought that the documents were in the safety deposit box at the bank, but they weren't. They also thought they might be at home. They weren't. It was concluded that they had been thrown away and so we all had to go and get new birth certificates.

Well, my parents bought some CD's recently and put them in the bank. Yesterday my dad went to the bank to get one that was expiring soon. It wasn't there. So he calls my mom who insisted he go double check. It wasn't there, but ALL the missing stuff was. Yes, ALL of it. So my mom was thinking and concluded that there had to be TWO boxes that our key worked on.

Sure enough, they went this morning and found both boxes and now we're down to just one box. Needless to say, the bank apologized and we're going to have a year of free service in that department.

So, that's the most exciting thing to happen recently and it brings to a close a really big mystery. Although I think it's funny because I now have two copies of my birth certificate.

In other news, I am raising support to go to Sweden and South Korea on a missions trip this summer. If you know of anyone who could possibly support me, please let me know because I need to raise $6000 dollars...

P.S. - I get to go to Clearwater Beach, Florida for a week with CRU and my awesome fiance!