February 24 2007
SO, I'm trying to make the transition to phusebox, we'll see how it goes.

This past week was hard, the hardest I've done in a while. I had so many tests or assignments. Now I can breath because it's over with. In fact, I only have one test next week to worry about now before spring break on the lovely shores of Clearwater Beach, Florida. Now, that's exciting.

Thursday was a big day for me. See, Crusade had asked me write an article for Sidelines about the "Sexpert" coming to campus. I did that, and it's published, so go check it out. Jeff Patton came and spoke to us that night and did a great job. He's a great speaker and he actually keeps it real instead of sugar coating the sex talk. We need someone like that in our society, for real.

Then yesterday I had to go apply for a passport since I'm planning on going to Sweden this summer. I was very prepared and the process was smooth. Now it's Saturday and I'm about to head to a baseball game and then I'm on duty for the night. Gray and I are going to watch Marie Antoinette and Man of the Year. Not really exciting, but it is for us. We never have free time anymore.

Weddng planning wise... yes, I bought a dress and it's beautiful and my dream dress. I'm very excited! The wait for my wedding date has not been hard at all. It's like a prize for being good for a year in a way. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not super anxious. I feel very calm about it. granted, it is a year away, but already this semester is almost over with... In no time it will be here. I can't wait. :)

Nathan Moore

February 24 2007
wedding planning can be tough... good luck!