Ask me for my love

October 29 2005
I am a very tired girl. After the Cru Halloween party last night I stayed with Sam at the desk until 5am. Justin was there as well and we all watched Fiddler on the Roof while Sam and I worked on our scrapbooks. Then I had to be at the music building at 11:50 for choir practice, we have a choir concert tomorrow afternoon.. Requiem.. I'm glad it's over. I'm tired of it.

So, this week was a long and tough week and I imagine the next week shall be about the same. I have lots of stuff to do studying wise and I also have the usual RA stuff to accomplish.. Fun times, well if residents are around, it's always crazy. I love my residents, they are awesome. :)

So, I'm SO pumped about this next weekend because I get to see everyone from summer project again! I'm very very excited about that! It should be a blast! I've missed my roomies and my good friends.. well I've missed everyone and I am sad because Eric won't be there and Dustin will be late.. but oh well.. :)