God is bigger than..

January 26 2006
So, I've been in a relationship with an incredible boy for almost two weeks now. The story of how we came to know each other is definitely a God written love story.. Before we met, neither of us were wanting to date anyone.. or at least we weren't expecting it. In fact, I was in a committment to not date.. but anyway.. My friend Sam introduced me to him and we began a friendship that after about a month bloomed into a mutual attraction for each other and six weeks later.. we decided we'd enter an official relationship...

It seems every day that we recall the blessing God has given both of us and praise him. I sincerely hope that he is my number two, the only man I'll ever need on earth..

You are my Joy

January 24 2006
    Life has been hard but God keeps me going strong and my awesome boyfriend supports me through it all..

Everyone should be patient enough to wait for the one God has for you.. I don't know if he is it, but I'm sure glad God brought us together at this point.


January 15 2006
I never really update this and when I do.. I'm cryptic.. but yeah.. after several months of friendship.. I have a boy and it's a boy that God brought me.. and it's amazing to see how God has been preparing both of us..

I think I've found my number two.. hmm


December 09 2005
I'm letting down my walls. Pray that I am careful.

Oh boy..

November 29 2005
Good things are happening, but I'm not sure what it means.. so yeah.


November 24 2005

So, I decided I would actually update. Today has been busy. I come from a huge family and so we usually have at least two houses to go to for Thankgiving. We went to my mom's side of the family for lunch and my dad's side for dinner, and I'm actually still not hungry, wht a miracle!

School is starting to wind down, I registerred for classes last week..

Gymnastics, Black and White Photography, Concert Chorale, Orientation to Art, Honors Elementary French II, Honors TN History, and Topics in Physical Science (w a lab), a total of 18 hours. Yes, I shall be busy, but I like it that way.

Well, I'm off because I want to play The Sims II on this computer while I still can.


November 17 2005
Yeah..I'll update eventually...

Ask me for my love

October 29 2005
I am a very tired girl. After the Cru Halloween party last night I stayed with Sam at the desk until 5am. Justin was there as well and we all watched Fiddler on the Roof while Sam and I worked on our scrapbooks. Then I had to be at the music building at 11:50 for choir practice, we have a choir concert tomorrow afternoon.. Requiem.. I'm glad it's over. I'm tired of it.

So, this week was a long and tough week and I imagine the next week shall be about the same. I have lots of stuff to do studying wise and I also have the usual RA stuff to accomplish.. Fun times, well if residents are around, it's always crazy. I love my residents, they are awesome. :)

So, I'm SO pumped about this next weekend because I get to see everyone from summer project again! I'm very very excited about that! It should be a blast! I've missed my roomies and my good friends.. well I've missed everyone and I am sad because Eric won't be there and Dustin will be late.. but oh well.. :)


October 28 2005
Thursday nights are always so much fun for me, mainly because of Cru, the weekly meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ. I've been going almost a year now and I love it to pieces. hehe

So last night I went and one of my residents was there so I invited her to hang with me. After Cru we went to Dairy Queen where everyone else was and then Sam and I went to one of the guy's apartments with 15 others and we played scene it, which was a whole lot of fun.

Tonight we're dressing up and going to the Halloween party which shall be fun. I'll share pictures of our costumes later. So yeah, fun,crazy busy weekend coming up.. I'm on duty tonight and I have a choir concert on Sunday.

Long Week

October 25 2005
This week has been long so far.. two days down.. three more to go. Tonight at our staff meeting we went around and reported how often we see everyone and I must say, I did very well. Out of the 9 of us, I see pretty much everyone all the time. I'm just one of those people who has to be around people.. I'm an extravert.

So, tomorrow I have two classes and then it's duty night with major studying for my test. Oh joy. Oh and I have to clear up some stuff with a guy I work with. That shall be interesting.


October 24 2005
So I got this account a while ago, but I figured I would try it out and see how I like it.. we'll see. :)

A little bit about me..

My name is Becca. I'm a RA in Beasley Hall.. I go to CRU and I participate in a bible study as well as leading a freshman bible study. I spent my summer on a summer project with CRU in Clearwater Beach, Florida and that's all I can think of for now!