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September 02 2005
Well you all... the impossible was accomplished tonight. We beat Oakland... yes 20-14!! it was the most amazing game i've ever experienced in my lifetime. Well of course besides our wonderful basketball team:-) i hope everyone had a great night!! have a good 3 day weekend!


September 02 2005

Maribeth Taglio

September 03 2005
becca! aw hey girl! found ur site! so i'm just saying heyy! haha & oh yeahh we beat OHS! hah

Megan Polis

September 03 2005
Yes pretty sure blackman sucks this year, we lost BAD to oakland and we got CREAMED by riverdale, not even a touch down, maybe we'll get better by the end of the season, but manybe not

Toni Jordan

September 04 2005
Hey babe!! That's so awesome that ya'll won!! I wish I could have been there to see it! I love you-Have a good week :)

Nathan Garrett

September 05 2005
HAHAHA....THATS AWESOME!!! man I love you too!!! hey stay cool till the next time I run into you at a B-DAY party or something!!!! holla

Alex Lewis

September 10 2005
over my dead body...

Alex Lewis

September 10 2005
that was me, gareesha. i'm on my friend's phusebox.

♥Chandelle Nicole

September 23 2005
*Becca! Hey there. Awe I think I ended up going 2 that game. I think my grandmother picked me up and drove me 2 M'boro. Not sure though. But if it was that game then yeah yall kicked Oakland's Butt! I do know that it was the Siegel/Oakland game though. Don't know how many times yall have played Oakland. Anyways... I better get going. I will talk 2 you l8ter!! I