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July 14 2005
Not too much going on lately. I work a whole lot this week, which is kind of a bummer.. but hopefully the paycheck will go to a good cause *coughshoppingcough*. Well Saturday i finally got the courage to... get my ears pierced. You do not understand how scared i was, needles scare me to death... and so does sitting in a stinking chair for everyone walking by to seeing me finally get some guts and get my ears pierced.

I went shopping with my brother on Tuesday and we got a lot accomplished.. it was lots of fun! Well I hope everyone is having a good summer!!

I'll talk to you guys later

Rachel Tenpenny

July 14 2005
ooo i understand!! i've had my ears pierced a couple of times and EACH TIME, i am so freakin terrified!! thats prolly why i'll never get my bellybutton, nose, or tongue pierced. (b/c i think that for a while, those would be cute to have!)

Sara Shaban

July 14 2005
i love you