Fly High like a Robin

March 10 2006

Landons mom has died.
Her funeral is tomorrow at 1..
i cant believe she is really gone..
she was one of the real Christians in life.
but i know she is walking the Streets of Gold right now
worshiping Christ..
and thats all i can say
Her name was Robin..
so now all my friends say:
"Fly High like a Robin"


Bekah is so cold

February 27 2006

oh i am soo cold
that its not even funny
i am inside and i am wearing gloves
a thick hoodie
and fur socks
it is soo freaking cold in my house
but i tink i will live..
at least i hope!

nothing really new to say
leave me something



February 19 2006

life is pretty crappy
but then again what isnt?
nothing ever goes right
but then again who is there to say that?
i know im one of them

nothin ever goes my way
im always stuck on the same page
and i just cant close the book
i reread the sentence just to understand
i cant move on
and quite frankly im sick of it..

love is so overestimated
its not great
it just breaks your heart..
its not worth my time
so i just give up


At Last

February 13 2006

At last
my love has come along
my lonely days over
and life is like a song
At last
the skies above are blue
well my heart was wrapped up in clover
the night I looked at you

ahh...thats life for ya.

Valentines Day is tomorrow. its just a day to remind all people who are single that they are single..thank you Hallmark.


No Valentine

February 09 2006

so yeah i know i havent updated in a while..

Bekah doesnt have a valentine.

thought i do have my eye on someone

but i dont think he is interested..

but makes me speechless..

so yeah anyway life is now back on track and everything is well with the world. for me anyway!

so i am going to try to keep updating on this!

i love you all soo much! leave some lovins!


Time to say Goodbye

October 21 2005

well i guess it wasnt very long before it came to and end like all good things do, i never felt a connection there and i see him more as a friend than i do my boyfriend so im callin it quits..and plus i dont want any drama when i hug all my guy friends.. i mean he gets really jealous when i do that and i just cant take that i mean i dont like any of them (except 2 of them think im hot and have told me) so yeah im going to call it quits monday..i just hope its not that big if a suprise for him..

remarks are always nice!


The begingin of a Beautiful relationship..

October 12 2005
last night was just beautiful
i danced and had fun
and i have a boyfriend
and he is very sweet
Landon & Bekah
~ 10-11-05 ~
what a beautiful thing
we even have a song..
Dont Want to Miss a Thing
by Aerosmith
its beautiful!
ahh what a beautiful night!


long time no talk

September 19 2005
wow i havent updated this in like a month!! well anywho! i had a boyfriend named william we kissed/madeout and hten broke up last tuesday and now i am going out wiht this really sweet guy named clint!! he is so sweet! anywho yeah i know i sound like a slut but im not

umm...nothing really drastic has happened but i promise..i will update more now! i love you and leave some remakrs!!


greatest day of my life

August 16 2005
today was the greatest day of my life
no special reason
i was crackin up in homeroom
it was hilarious!
and its storming
i love storms
i have no remarks things
thats ok its not like anyone reads this anyway!
james and i are are jsut so retarded it was so funny
i love to be with him he makes me feel special!
but yeah
Bekah OUT! (that was gay)

babysitting and school...

August 12 2005
HECK YESS!!!! i get a night away from the family and i get paid!! YESS!!! i am so happy!! i am babysitting the best kids in the world!! YAY! anywho....
school was okay...
most the people there are preps
i cant wait till monday!
i get my schedule
my homeroom teacher is nice...
she taught michael
well thats is for today...


i feel lovely

August 07 2005
i feel lovey

hot and sweaty
playing baseball in the backyard
talking to my best guy friends
running around like a maniac
cleaning my room
being a tard!
reading books cause im geeky
picking off my nailpolish
casue i was bored

i dont think life could get any better!
i swear im such a tard!!
i love christain music!
88.7 rocks the coolest socks!
imma geek...but i love it!


cleaning my room

August 06 2005
i hate cleaning...unless im mad/frusterated/upset (sp) but my room is dirty and it needs cleaning....
schol starts in like 4 days on the 11th and i am excited but i hate people who are labels and/or label im not looking forward to all the drama..ugh. im just going to hang in the back and not be noticed....thats what i am going to face broke out in pimples during vacation...i hope they go away before school....i thik spending that much time with the family cause to much stress and pimples....or it could be im growing up..unfortunatly..i have a dance in the first dance...i highly doubt a guy will ask me...i hate guys well thats my ranting for one day! i have 2 friends! ha! im pittiful! but funny!

im new at this!

August 05 2005
im new at this and i dont know very many people! school starts in like 5 days summer was boring and i am looking forward to middle school! woo woo! i would like remarks please! and thank you!!