Taping and costumes

January 22 2006
January has been a pretty busy month.  The rest of All Access's company members have returned for their next tour.  They are practicing all the time right now.  I LOVE their show.  Below are a few pictures from filming last week.

Brent, playing "the victim" or the geek

Johnny, the All-Star, and Kelsey, the Prom Queen

Amber, the New Girl

Chris, a punk cast member hanging in the hallways

The popular girls

Tori, a goth cast member.  He made a little girl at his church cry for 30 minutes!

Johnny, hanging out between takes.  I thought it was a neat angle.

The DTS is on outreach.  They were able to witness to prostitues, strippers, transvestites, and so on in Houston, Texas.  Now they are in Mexico doing ministry in the mountains outside Mexico City.
And then our team, the City Missions team, is doing renovations for our new office and apartment in the East Village right now.  I hope to take some photos next week of that and post them.