October 15 2005
yeah for the new phusebox!
and yeah for the end of rainy days!
it has been raining for like 6 days straight out here.  and not just light rains, heavy horrible rain.  long island was going to wash away if it didn't stop.  and the poor base was flooding.  i had the carpet professionally cleaned just a month ago from previous flooding, and yeah, it flooded again. but today was beautiful, so praise God for that.
so i also want to say that i love my friends heather, kelsey, and brent who are sitting here with me.  not that they will ever read this.  they are funny.  i love living in community, because there are always people around to have fun with.

Nathan Moore

October 15 2005
i know. what was with all the rain?!


October 16 2005
yay! i'm glad it's beautiful now...i like rain and storms, but not hard horrible rain for 6 days :o) hope you're doing amazing! love ya!


October 22 2005
BTW, how's your back doing?