Study days just make me nervous...

December 08 2005

I'm fairly convinced that study days just make me more nervous about exams. Sitting in my dorm room doesn't help...too many shiny, fun, happy distractions. Maybe I should take a nap for a few minutes instead of studying? Watch a movie?

Emilio Estevez

December 08 2005
you should definitely watch a movie...might i suggest A Beautiful Mind...always a good movie to watch in the education department


December 09 2005
i saw a girl wearing the jacket that you had on last night and i thought it was you, and it wasnt. i hope your test go well. piece


December 09 2005
I love and miss my shannon.

Sarah Bowers

December 15 2005
Hey, good luck on finals! I DEFINITELY understand the stressors...... Sarah~