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August 09, 2006

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It's really been a fantastic couple of weeks. I've been hanging out at the CSC a lot and really don't know what I did without my friends there! It really reminds me of one of my favorite verses.

Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at all times and brother is born for adversity."

I've made a TON of friends and they've taught me a lot...or maybe just reaffirmed what part of my heart already knew. Last night we definitely sat around and watched the Emperor's New Groove! HAHAHA! College is amazing!

I'm really psyched to see all my high school friends from the good ole boro!!! That's right kids...UTHSMUN 2006 in 72 hours and 51 minutes.....AHHHHHH I love you guys and I can't wait  to have incredible power over you as co-chair! Just kidding! but...SERIOUSLY (lol)

Find the Grace, you may think it's hiding...but trust me it's there.


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I cried for no reason...

Be not far from me for trouble is neaer and there is none to help. (Psalm 22: 11)

I just like it...God's there when you feel like there really is none to help, whether it be a physical circumstance or just  a low heart. He really is all we need. That doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong to want other things, just dont' want other things more than you need Him.

I've been kind of having a rough time with my roommate lately. I feel like there might as well be a wall in the middle of the room. It's sort of an awkward silence. I love her to death, but it seems like we never really talk anymore...we used to be so close.

I've done so many stupid things lately. Don't you hate when you do stuff that you know is really, really stupid...... *doh*  I'm asking that you guys pray for me...we all know I can always use it. . *smiles, hugs* I miss you M'boro pals....and I love you!

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Weddings, Words, and the end of Break...

   Break is almost over. In a way I'm completely ready to go back to school. At the same time DEFINITELY not. I wish I could move my church, family, and friends to Knoxville. This would make things MUCH easier. I love my roommate and my friends in Knoxvegas too. I just wish I could keep all of them close to me at once. I was talking to Patrick the other day about how things were so much easier in high school. Growing up is tough stuff. Even though I'm technically an "adult" now I know I have a loooong way to go until I'm ready for the title. There have been so many decisions to make since I left home college bound. Sometimes I made the right ones. Sometimes I definitely made the wrong ones. But I feel like I've learned so much in the past six months that I wouldn't have learned had I stayed here. That doesn't mean that I don't miss it, though. Maybe it's like a part of you that always lives and you always love, but you have to leave behind for new adventures. Childhood....bleh....I'm holding on but letting go....does that make sense? Of course that doesn't mean that I still can't act childish a lot...we all know I do that anyway!

I leave to go skiing with Matt, Michael, Meagan, the Fisher parents, and another family on Sat. Yikes!!! I've never been before and am pretty nervous/psyched. I like new adventures and experiences. When you get out of your shell it's usually when the best things happen, you grow the most, you meet the coolest people, and you HAVE THE MOST FUN!!! Just pray that I don't kiss a tree :)

BTW------Matt and I went to a wedding at 7 on New Year's Eve. I'll put up two pics of us was sooo pretty! Two of my friends from Church! Awwwwwww. Getting married...what a way to start a new year, right?!?!?!? They're great together- AWESOME couple.

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Study days just make me nervous...

I\'m fairly convinced that study days just make me more nervous about exams. Sitting in my dorm room doesn\'t help...too many shiny, fun, happy distractions. Maybe I should take a nap for a few minutes instead of studying? Watch a movie?

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Did you ever notice that fall is one of the few times when we think that death and decay are beautiful?


Ain\'t no sunshine when she\'s gone. It\'s not warm when she\'s away. Ain\'t no sunshine when she\'s gone and she\'s always gone too long, anytime she goes away....good song


...the picture....well, why not?

Best Ben Wicks quote ever:

\"I don\'t break things. I just put my mojo on them and then they don\'t work no more\"

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