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August 09, 2006

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I cried for no reason...

Be not far from me for trouble is neaer and there is none to help. (Psalm 22: 11)

I just like it...God's there when you feel like there really is none to help, whether it be a physical circumstance or just  a low heart. He really is all we need. That doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong to want other things, just dont' want other things more than you need Him.

I've been kind of having a rough time with my roommate lately. I feel like there might as well be a wall in the middle of the room. It's sort of an awkward silence. I love her to death, but it seems like we never really talk anymore...we used to be so close.

I've done so many stupid things lately. Don't you hate when you do stuff that you know is really, really stupid...... *doh*  I'm asking that you guys pray for me...we all know I can always use it. . *smiles, hugs* I miss you M'boro pals....and I love you!

January 28, 2006

I hope everything gets better really soon..I miss you so much. Love you Shannon! Lana P.S. see you in less than a month at MUN!
January 29, 2006
Patrick said

i think i just made a blank post. sorry. i hope things will get better. i'm sure they will. it was good getting to see you the other day.
February 17, 2006
lauren said

SHANNON! i'm in your committee.

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