May 24 2006

Well yall! Wow this has been an eye opening pass couple of days! I am down in Daphne Alabama! Not far from Gulf Shores! Mayber 20 minutes! I have been shopping and just hanging out! I have come to the conclusion that i might just stay down here for the rest of the summer! I would be home off and on though! I mean i could find a job here since everyone is hiring! I dont know! it is just something to think about! I mean that would be totally AWESOME! I am going to talk to my mom about it! My Aunts company has an airplane so if i needed to be home i could be in an hour and a 1/2! So i have to really think about things!That would mean leaving my baby! That would beso darn hard! Im not sure how he would feel about it though! I think he would ABSOLUTELY hate it! My Aunt, Uncle and Cuz say it is fine! They have no problem!

On a good note i got to drive a LEXUS today! It was AWESOME! Such a smooth ride! Well guys i will hopefully put graduation pictures up soon!

Pray for me and my decision!

Rachael Vance

May 24 2006
ahhh! ali may! i'm sure gonna be praying for u! i'll call u tomorrow if i don't forget! i've got finals in the morning, though. i'll be seriously saying some prayers about that decision, and we can talk about it in person or on the phone or something! love u...be careful! muah-Rach

Rebekah Minor

May 24 2006
ok well, lets think about this...beach or murfreesboro?? beach!!! i think its a good opportunity to spend some time away from family and stuff to clear your head before you go to college...but, you are right, there is the boyfriend and as much as i know it would be hard to be away from someone you really care about, i still think it would be a good experience. and if he's really cool, he will respect any decision that you make cause he'll trust you enough to know you are making the right choice...sorry i wrote a whole whole lot...but il definetely pray!! and guess what i got to learn to drive a stick tonight!!! ok so, its not a lexus...but it was still fun!!


May 25 2006
I want a Lexus...


May 29 2006
I would say that you should stay down there and experience everything this summer has to offer AWAY from stinkin Tennessee. It will help you to put distance between yourself and everyone you are used to being around so you can see them more clearly and your goals more clearly. Just be prepared, though, that sometimes relationships don't last over long distances. Don't let this deter or make your decision, but just be aware. Good luck!