WOW Things have CHANGED!

December 10 2005

Well I did it! I finally got a job! I am employed by Fazolis!!  I am so excited! I went to orientation last night and got payed for it! I was there for about 3 hours! It is gonna be so much fun. I don't start until the 21st because i am having my wisdom teeth takin Friday and wont be able to work until the 21st! Im gonna have my own money! I can buy whatever i want to!

Like i said i am getting my wisdom teetch takin out on Friday! Ouch! I really dont want to but i have to! Plus i have to take 3 exams on thursday and 1 on Friday b4 the surgery! It sucks but i wont be able to take them! So please pray for me!

I got asked the other day why i dont go to church on Wen anymore! Im not really sure why but, i just dont enjoy it anymore. Hardly any of my friends go! I still do go on Sunday but then at the service I leave. I found out that we werent going to BIG STUF! I was a little upset. Plus we arent going to NY over Spring Break! I heard we are going over the summer but, it is only for 11 people and those spots are already filled up. I just think that the youth group has gotten WAY to big for me. I mean I never see any one! I asked someone the other day what it was like now and they said a big show! Dont think i am trying to say negative things about it but, i know it is not me! But maybe i will go sometime and try it out for myselef! I love all yall and hope to see you soon! Lots of Love,


Rachael Vance

December 16 2005
hey ali may!! i tried to call u a little while ago, but i never got u. hope the surgery goes well! i haev to do that in a couple of months! i love u and want to talk to u soon! the youth group has been changing some, but it's still going well. please come back soon! i work at the Piggly Wiggly now, so i'm not there on Wednesdays a lot, however. Congrats on your job!! Good luck!! God bless, -Rach