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October 07 2005
I just got home from the beach last night.
I surfed again. Twas lovely. I nearly died. Very Humorous. Thoughts compelled me the whole time. By the end I decided to turn my brain of... seemed to do some good, but stuff is still on my mind. But I understand now, I mean, he just moved on. It's not all that bad... If what I want to happen happens it'll be for the best, for now I don't know what I can do. I need to get more friends, get out of the house, i think i'll go for a bike ride, sound inticing. I hate being so blah.
Any ideas of how to get out of this.
yes i know go to God, i'm doing that.
I need a way to get to him better though?
my parents won't take me to church,
I have people willing to have me go with them,
but I need to go somewhere with people I don't know,
I like to get thoughts from varieties of people.
It's always a good thing I suppose.
well i'm done writing for today.
I have atan and blonde hair.
think about it. I'm hawt mamajamma♥

Chelsey Montgomery

October 07 2005
i got to hang out with you today for like a WHOLE hour. that makes me happy. haha i love you.


October 07 2005
BLONDE hair? oh my. i want to see.


October 08 2005
lucky :]

Becca Hicks

October 08 2005
heyyyyyy sarah!! lol... i'm not ready to come back to school. i haven't practiced any of the choir stuff (uh oh) see ya! [becca]

Becca Hicks

October 09 2005
haha...that's something i'd do, but i didn't hear any of them...so yeah...this will be interesting tomorrow...trying to remember it all... see you then [becca]