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January 26 2006

I can rock the lip rings?
i have no life.

nothings been going on.
Hairspray last weekend was awesome.
school sucks,
i've been sick the past week,
but i got a few things done,
but for everything done 2 things aren't?

I got signed up for early day.
hell yes.

that's about it.

Allen Harvey

January 26 2006
Interesting look for you..... TTYL

Rachel Chase

January 27 2006
thanks for the congrats, cool kid! ^^ will you be helping in production or anything cuz then we could actually meet or sumthing lol


January 28 2006
I <33333 lip rings, are they real? bc if soo that is awesome :) , some of my guy friends have them , but i know my mum would never let me get one, bc she sucks


January 30 2006
i work out on tuesdays, usually. <br>sometimes even on thursdays. <br>but at the YMCA..