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January 16 2006

I swear I did not drug him.

Hey guys,
It's been a little while.
Thought i'd stop by and update.
Nothings been going on.
School is becoming extremely icky.
Friday was a pretty good day though.
I babysat Saturday night
so my Family could take mi Fadre out to dinner
for his birfday.(which is today)

Birfday shoutouts:
14th-Shane (my cousin)
15th-Jared (my buddy)&& MLK Jr.
16th-Mi Fadre && Nicholas Hawkins

I'm still searching for a soliloquy for Speech.
I'm gonna fail this..oiy.
I hate the stressful assignments.

Well that's all I have to say.
Have fun on the day off!

Chelsey Montgomery

January 18 2006
no one commented here so i just thought i would. haha ♥

Teresa Smith

January 20 2006
ahaha that is SO great. Hope u had fun tonight. I love my face too. Actually, I don't. HA. Love...


January 21 2006
Sarah, I love you way more than cheese, & we need to hang out. I love you, & you are amazing. don't ever forget it. ♥