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I always have to steal my kisses from you♥...

December 05 2005
So I left school early today.
I keep having these cold sweats.
it's uncomfortable.
The school seemed unusually hot.
O well, I came home.
took some medicine,
I feel a bit better now.
Nobody will be home for another 2hours.
So i'm going to do some things bored people do.
here are some surveys:

Stole this from Nick:

01. Sleep with or without clothes on?usually
02. Prefer black or blue pens? Blue
03. Dress up on Halloween? Yayuh
04. Like to travel? Definately.
05. Like someone? yeahhh
06. Do they know? Probably not
07. Who sleeps with you every night?Oh you know, wait, nobody..lol
08. Think you're attractive? I have my days.
09. Want to get married? Yep.
10. To? a nice person.
Are you a good student? at times.
12. Are you currently happy? sure.
13. Have you ever cheated on someone? I don't believe so.
14. Birthplace? Murfreesboro
15. Christmas or Halloween? Christmas.
16. Colored or black-and-white photos? Black and White.
17. Do long distance relationships work? nope
18. Do you believe in astrology? nope
19. Do you believe in love at first sight? Sometimes
20. Favorite CD? Nat King Cole's Greatest Hits
21. Do you consider yourself the life of the party?Sometimes
22. Do you drink? not really.
23. Do you make fun of people?Just when they have bad hair,that they did themselves, you see, I'd be perfectly fine with someone making fun of my hair cause I jacked it up myself, does that make sense?
24. Do you think dreams eventually come true? Depends if you make them come true,
Take for instance a dream that you meet a famous person,
stalk them for a couple of years and they're bound to notice you!
25. Favorite fictional character?The Pillsbury Dough BOy
26. Go to the movies or rent? Go.
27. Have you ever moved in your entire life? Quite a few times, but Stayed in the same general area
28. Have you ever stolen anything? a button.
29. How's the weather right now?Frigid
30. Hug or kiss? Kiss.
31. Last person you talked to on the phone? Mom
32. Last person who told you they love you? Ellen
33. Loud or Soft Music? Depends on my mood.
34. McDonalds or Burger King? Neither, I mean, BK-brown cheese Mikeyd's-Heartattack on a bun
35. Night or day? Night.
36. Number of Pillows? dos.
37. Piano or guitar? Piano.
38. Future job? Cosmotologist
39. Current job?School
40. Current love? Hair color
41. Current longing? relationship, that's atleast halfway decent
42. Current disappointment? CiCi's Pizza
43. Current annoyance? People who don't give me a chance to talk, i just wanna slap them!
44. Last thing you ate?chicken
45. Last thing you bought? Butterfly pants//Green shirt thing
46. Most recent thing you are looking forward to? No School
47. What are you wearing right now? pants,converse,shirt
48. Plans for this weekend? none
What did you do today? went to school
50. Pick a song lyric:
I always have to steal my kisses from you...

>>Whats your real name? Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart
>>What do your friends call you? Sarah,Say,Sandy,Boomama
>>What does your family call you? Say,Sarah
>>Where do you live? Tennessee
>>How old are you? 15
>>When is your birhtday? June 11th
>>Male or Female? female
>>Single or Taken? Single
>> Boyfriend/Girlfriends name? ...
>>What is your sn? Wastedinthesoup

>> Have you ever .. <<

>> Been in Jail? no
>>Thrown up in public? yeah
>>Gotten a F on a report card? once
>>Been to a concert? yeah
>>Been in a fist fight?haha yah
>>Had a crush on someone? duh
>>Had a boyfriend/girlfriend? yep
>>Dated someone of the same sex? no
>>Been attracted to someone of the same sex? no
>>Slipped on a banana peel? no
>>Stolen somehting? a button

>>What would you do if..<<

>>Someone caught you having sex? Laugh
>>You caught someone having sex? vomit
>>Got really sick and threw up in public? happened before.
>>Someone threatend you? laugh at them
>>Someone totaled yuor car? beat them with the bumper? haha i dunno.
>>You met the president? punch him.
>>Went on a blind date and it turned out to be you faveorite actor/actoress?Ask them what drugs they're on.
>>Burped while singing a solo in front of the whole school? act like it's part of the song.
>>You could have anything you wanted? who knows
>>You had a geniue? make a wish

>>Finish he sentences..<<

>>I just got...a poptart
>>There are a million ...things going on in my mind.
>>Can Somebody please...give me a break, give me a break, break me off a peice of that kitkat bar!?
>>Its  REALLY hot i should...swim
>>There are a million spiders on my...sister
>>I'm only racist towards...napkins
>>I only love...you
>>I really hate...them
>>I hate this annoying...itch

>>Can you finish this<<>>If you can finish it<<

>> If im 555 your ....666
>>Its getting hot in here so take off all your ...clothes.
>>I tear my heart open i sew ....myself shut
>>Drop it like its.. HOTTT
>>People can take everything away from you nut they can never take away your ...pants
>>To the window To the ...walllllllllllll
>>We were meant to live for...so much more
>>Tell e that reality is better than a dream but i found out the hard way nothing is what .....it seems to be
>>Were all to ...drunk
>>It take my pain ...away

>>This or that<<

>>Gay or Bisexual? uhh gay i guess.
>>Basketball or baseball? baseball
>>Hockey or Lacross? hockey
>>Cheerleading or Football? football
>>Patriots or Eagles?Eagles
>>Pink or Purple? Pink
>>Blue or Green? Blue
>>Red or Orange? Orange
>>Pass or Fail? pass
>>Blonde or Brunette? brunette
>>Pop or Rock? rock
>>Guitar or Drums? drums


>>Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope
>>Do you have a crush? si
>>Are you i love? no
>>Hae you ever been in love? i thought I was.
>>Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? no
>>Do you smoke? no
>>Are you a virgin? yes


1) Current Mood: blah
2) Current Taste: orange juice
3) Current Clothes: maroon shirt&&Jeans
4) Current Desktop: Guitarrrrrr
5) Current Toenail Color: Pink
6) Current Time: 1:56
7) Current Surroundings: my room?
8) Current Thoughts: ick

(um there's only 8 things.)


1) First Best Friend: Berger
2) First Kiss: Michael
3) First Screen Name: babyblues409
4) First Pet: Shawna
5) First Piercing: Ears when i was little
6) First Crush:Colby
7) First Music: no idea

(there's only 7.)


1) Last Cigarette: 4 or 5months ago
2) Last Drink: a few months ago
3) Last Car Ride: today
4) Last Kiss: September
5) Last Movie Seen: Harry Potter 4
6) Last Phone Call: 10minutes ago
7) Last CD Played: Keith Urban


1) Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: yeah
2) Have You Ever Been Dumped: yep
3) Have You Ever Been Arrested: nope
4) Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: yeah
5) Have You Ever Been on TV: yeah
6) Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: nope


1) 1 Thing You're Wearing: jeans
2) 1 Thing You've Done Today: went to school
3) 1 Thing Your Listening To Right Now: my computer
4) 1 Thing You Can't Live Without: air?
5) 1 Thing You Do When You're Bored: videogames




1. Amber
2. Berger
3. Chels


1. black or white: green
2. hot or cold: Cold


1. Dance


December 05 2005
WOW those are alot of surverys hahaha

Emilio Estevez

December 05 2005
nice choice on the Nat King Cole...feel better

Emilio Estevez

December 05 2005
i actually feel pretty great...a turn of events has sparked some happiness in my life. Yeah, the needle would hurt, but i think i could handle it


December 06 2005
that's what makes me me?


December 06 2005
so how life treating u?