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October 23 2005

Who is Sarah Gearhart?
I am Sarah Gearhart.
My middle name is Elizabeth.
I'm 15.
I like cosmotology.
I change my hair color ALOT.
I like to take photographs.
Not pictures.
I stay on the computer to much.
I hang out at wal*mart.
I can't drive.
I'm a sophmore.
I'm crazy.
I have a dog.
I have a cat.
I want a bird.
I hate snakes,spiders,&& Sharks.
Pretty much reptiles and fish.
My dad hit me in the back of the head with a fish.
It was scary.

People think I'm Pretty.
I think I'm not.
I have lovely eyes.
I'm not slutty.
I laugh alot.

I'm loud.
I'm shy at first.
I smile 99.876346% of the time.
I make words up.
I go to Siegel Highschool.
You wouldn't like me when I get angry.
I hate Tv
Unless It includes laguna Beach
or family guy.
MTv is usually pointless.
I like some country music.
Don't hold it against me.
Politics make me angry sometimes.
I don't like Bush.
I don't like listening to him talk at all.
It makes me wanna pull my hair out.
I like teddy bears.
I like clothes.
I like to design.
I get bored easily.
I think I have A.D.D
Music is love.

I cry when I'm sad.
I broke my lamp.
Then my princess crown broke.
I was sad.
I didn't cry though.
I like the movie Grease.
I think it's stupid too.
But I love it.
  I don't drink.
I drink to much soda.
I accept everyone.
I'm sarcastic to the highest extent.
I'm in choir.
I'm always singing.

I'm a pirate.
I don't have a parrot though.
I like to laugh((haha))
Drinking orange juice and spirte makes me have to pee.
I like riding my mom's stupid looking bike.
Only because I can ride it with no hands.
&& My bike is broken.
I like starwars.
I dance.
Not well.
I wish I looked like homer simpson.
I lie sometimes.
Okay, I lied about lying.

I'm a fairy princess.
I can't fly though.
I wish biology wasn't mandatory.
All you need is faith and trust...
Oh, and something I forgot.
A little bit of Pixie dust.
I like movies.
I'm random.
I discovered about 4 bands before
they became famous.
Geometry is pointless.
I have green fingernail polish.
I like to match.
I'm the middle child.
I have a brother.
I have a sister.
I think my dad works for the CIA.
My mom and I don't really get along.
I'm the odd one in my family.
I am single.
It doesn't bother me.
I'm weird.
I don't have friends,
just aquantinces.
I have a very complex mind.
and an odd outlook on life.
but that's just me.
The End

So I was like,
"I think I'll update"
then i was like,
"I have nothing to say"
Simple enough,
I went to starbuck with my Teresa Bear.
The amount of sugar I took in,
may cause me to have diabetes.
Battle of the bands Sunday.
Call me if you wanna hang out.
6days till I get a cellular device.
I know you're excited.
Keep it Greasy,
fo sheezie.


Chelsey Montgomery

October 23 2005
hahaha your so cute. i LOVE YOU!!! oh & i go the picture.. gosh we need a new one.. hahaha ♥


October 23 2005
oh em gee. i'm blite. hot dang.


October 23 2005
that was fun to read...


October 23 2005
it is?:-p

courtney kelley

October 24 2005
awe, cue pics sarah.. && no.. I think you've got it ALL wrong darling, it's the other way around!! lol. have a GREAT week!

Anthony Myers

October 24 2005
Thats very adorable and hilarious. Nice to know a little more about you lol!


October 24 2005