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First she's Jeckle then she's hyde, atleast she makes a lovely pair♥

October 20 2005
"If it's drama you want, then look no further, They're like the Real World meets Boy Meets World meets Days of Our Lives."

I've learned life's to short for drama.
Life's to short for stupid fights.
For pointless relationships.
It's to short for not trying.
For giving up.
It's definately to short for bad hair days.
Too short for sleeping half the day away.
It's to short to not tell someone how you feel.
Even if you get hurt in the process.
Life is just a blessing.
Sometimes I know I feel like
puting everyone and everything
out of my mind so I can sleep
for 18hours and wake up just to
watch Laguna Beach or The Simpsons.
I want to enjoy life.
I have the past week.
From a message from God.
To the final Practice.
From the gain of friendships,
to the cookie baking spree I went on.
I stopped cursing.
I relized how ignorant it makes you sound.
It amazes me how shallow I've been.
Life isn't about who you are with,
who talks to you.
Sometimes it's best to be around
people you love.
Sometimes it's best to be alone.
Sometimes it's just best to talk to God.
Tonights the final show for the Variety show.
I hate that it's over.
It's been so much fun.
Especially since we've been on stage.
I love the experience.
I have been blessed with true friends.
Learned who my aquantinces were.
Grown up quickly.
Seen the good and bad in people.
I've lived this week.
You know how sometimes it just feels
like the light is on inside,
and then you have those days
where it feels like there's a big
metal box on the lightswitch so you can't turn it on?
Well in my life, It's just been a flikkering light.
I have just felt like it was on all week.
Which is awesome.
I love you guys.
Keep on keepin on♥

and so our adventure ends.
And some of us found our heros,
and others
conquered our fears.
And one might even say we've triumphed.
 I'm not so
sure it happened that day, or that summer,
but somehow, we all felt
older and different.
I knew I'd never forget any of it
and I decided I
wasn't going to let it end
because I realized we're not just given life experience..
we're given the experience of life..."

"I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words,
how wonderful life is, while you're in the world.."

"Never knew I could feel like this,
like i never seen the sky before.
Want to vanish inside your kiss,
everyday I love you more, and more.
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing,
telling me to give you, everything,
Seasons may change, winter, to spring,
and I love you, until my dying day..
Come what may...Come What may...
I will love you, Until my dying day."

"Take my hand, you break my heart,
I remember you most the nights we're apart
Steps and soda, stars and dancing,
every girls dream, my reality. Love in a box.
Inside jokes, and dirty thoughts,
everything we were and more,
Cute little faces, and knowing every
other word.  laughing at nothing,
being each other's everything."

Nick Hawkins

October 20 2005
You have one of those names that sounds infamous. [Sarah Gearhart] Yea, like a name that will someday be well known.


October 20 2005
perty good i reckon

Chris Slate,

October 20 2005
i. effing. love. that. song.... mood ring oh mood ring oh tell me can you bring... the key... to unlock this mystery... of girls and there emotions... play it back in slow motion... so i... may understand... the complex infrastructure known as the female mind... HAHA!!! that song is the shiz... lol

Bekah Thoe

October 21 2005
i love you! so much! im really glad that you and God are talking! it brings hope and inprisation (cant spell worth crap) well just thought i would leave something to show i love you! B.